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An Accident and Emergency Department in Birmingham boasts a Nurse Payne Nurse Hacker scrubs regularly in a London Operating Department Sister De'Ath walks the corridors of a hospice in... Read More

  1. by   Garde-Malade
    Here in our neck of the woods, we have a dentist. Her name: Dr. Drilling!
  2. by   Weenurse
    I have worked with a Nurse Nurse, a Dr De'Ath and a Dr Blood...................great names!!:roll
  3. by   Scavenger'sWife
    We have a dentist in town named Dr. Gagny!
  4. by   BBnurse34
    A registry nurse worked in our OB unit last week. Her name was listed on her badge as Lollie Labia
  5. by   missionnurse
    How about in Kittery. Me...

    A dentist named Dr. Swallow!!!!!
  6. by   Sourdough
    We had a patuient in the ER this summer who's name was
    EFIN was a panic when the orderly came in to take him to x-ray...she always shouts the names out loud as it is a zoo...after repeating it a couple of times she realized why we were laughing, and turned beet red!
  7. by   cloudydrms
    I have a friend who started clinicals this semester (a semester ahead of me) and her last name is Nurse. Nurse Nurse. Kinda funny.

  8. by   KaroSnowQueen
    We have a general surgeon named Dr. Dedman - he's actually pretty good. And a Dr. Babee, but he isn't ob or peds!
  9. by   RNConnieF
    I'm not making this up, really. I got printed orders today from... Dr. Hardy Bang. I swear! That's really the name. I would HAVE to chang my name. :roll
  10. by   melissa24
    My son's elementary school PE teacher was Mr. Fuchs...he went by "Coach" to avoid potential problems.

    The only interesting physician's name I know of is "Dr. Costleigh."
  11. by   jennamac
    I had an OB-Gyn named Dr. Fischer. I decided the name fit quite well when he had to break my water with my son.
    Dr Hood - gyne
    Dr Wiekil pronounced (Willkill)- anesthesia(scarey)
    Dr Butz- you guessed it procto (his car tag Planet 9)Uranus lol
    Dr Grimes- ENT his wife- Infectious diseases

    Its hard to hold a straight face when you hear some of thier names come across the pa system

  13. by   outbackannie
    We have a Nurse Hartless. Dr Oh and Dr Pi are partners in Gastroenterology Clinic. Dr. Sunshine is the local urologist,
    Dr. Rott is a surgeon.