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  1. by   Goofball
    We had an elderly patient who used to come in a lot, by the name of Precious Flowers.
    The other day, we had patients with the last names of Brown, Sugar, and Cinnamon, which looked pretty cute up on the Nursing Station Board.
  2. by   santhony44
    A Dr. Heine, a cardiologist. I loved to see the expression on patient's faces when they were told they were being referred to him!

    A new doc was coming to the unit where I worked, a Dr. Truemper. One of the nurses misheard it and called him, to his face, Dr. Thumper. I always seemed to see him as a big rabbit after that!

    Also, a Dr. Treat, a surgeon who was anything but a treat to work with! I guess he did "treat" his patients though!
  3. by   VictoriaG
    In a small town in Michigan there used to be twin OB-GYN's with the last name of Dokter. They actually advertised themselves as the Pair of Docs.
  4. by   nrsfear
    I really am "nurse Fear" my husband gave me the last name Fear
  5. by   nrsfear
    oh, I just remembered when I worked as a Tech in a group home we had sisters Twinkle and Sparkle Star
  6. by   SandyLV
    I had a client not long ago by the last name Yu and he kept saying his first name was F. Since he only spoke Korean (I believe) we could not understand him, so we had to request his labs and everything else by Mr. F. Yu....that woke up a lot of staff at 3:30am
  7. by   SandyLV
    Oooohhhh I forgot....In Southern Nevada....
    An ObGyn Dr. K. Moorehead (Female).....
    She is not my doctor, but I heard she is always very happy!!!
  8. by   SmBaxter
    LOL!....We had a patient named Harold Bolls...yep, you guessed it..." Harry". No need to say more.
  9. by   Goofball
    We have an intensivist/pulmonologist by the name of Dr. Shragg. The other day, one of the new RNs in E.R. heard his name incorrectly, and was having the operator page him overhead as Dr. Shrekk. We were all just busting a gut laughing, because he can really be such an ogre sometimes!
  10. by   OrthoNutter
    Gee....and I thought Dr Careless was pretty bad!!
  11. by   texaslvn
    Where i work there is a female doctor named Dr. McCracken......the charge nurse at night can never get her name right, he called her Dr. McCracker right in her face

    Another charge nurse at night had to call a Dr. Pirtle but when he answered she called him Dr. Turtle.
  12. by   Goofball
    Today one of our pulmonologists introduced a new MD just hired into their group. He said, "Meet Dr. Azfal." Well, you know what I thought I heard. I had to look at the guy's name on his coat to see if that other Dr. was kidding. (Try saying the name softly, or quickly - it sounds like Dr. A--hole!) I was relieved to see it wasn't what I thought, but I can't wait to hear him paged overhead; they had better enunciate verrrry clearly!
  13. by   alwaysthere
    these are not doc names.

    we had two pt's in the same room. mrs flick and mrs funk.

    we also had a w.nutt and a. dapple lemon