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  1. by   Zhakrin
    My neurologist is

    Dr. Ronald McDonald

    and there is a

    Dr. Proctor in the ER here.
  2. by   live4today
    My husband's surgeon's name is "Poppinburger"!
  3. by   beckymcrn
    I just came across a GI doc who specializes in colonoscopys his name is Dr Payne
  4. by   tracib
    I knew a Dr. Mechanic who was a neurologist and a Dr. Ovary who was an OB.:chuckle
  5. by   TiggerRN
    This isn't a doctor's name, but my friend's uncle is named Noel Cadeau (No-el Kaa-doh). In French, Noel is Christmas and Cadeau is gift. His name means Christmas Gift.
  6. by   Katmanduuu
    I've worked with a Dr. Heine (he pronounces it 'heiney') and a Dr. Butts. Fortunately, neither of them were Proctologists!
    I've also known a Dentist named Dr. Slaughter and another one named Dr. Smiley. I'd go to the second one but no chance for the first!
    It makes one wonder if they chose their professions based on their names?
  7. by   boobaby42
    I knew a Dr. Gober and the operator would announce, "paging dr. goober stat, dr goober call the labor room, stat!" and i knew a dr. koch (cook) and the same operator would announce, "Dr cock, call ext. 4000 stat, dr cock 4000 stat"
    the koch is still around. dr gober was fired for doing a bad circumcision.
  8. by   patadney
    There were 2 dentists in my hometown in Ill where I grew up. They were on the same block but had separate offices. Their names were Dr. Curt Gronner (pronounced groaner) and Dr. Fillmore Ketola. In Kansas Dr. Marvel did hip replacement surgery. And our vet in Indiana was Dr. Bird. I've always wondered if their names were the suggestion for their professions.
  9. by   dianthe1013
    I've worked with a Dr. Heine (he pronounces it 'heiney') and a Dr. Butts.
    I went to high school with a guy whose last name was Heine, pronounced the same way. His father's name was Harry. Gack! LOL

    And, since I became a fan, my boyfriend can't watch NASCAR with a straight face anymore. Dick Trickle!! I love it. LOL I crack up every time that poor driver's name scrolls across the TV screen...

    My mom went to school with a girl named Brenda Screws. ::sigh:: She apparently was teased mercilessly.

  10. by   KatWright
    On Mother's day, the page operator was heard by EVERYONE saying:
    "Would Dr. A..ab..abem..I idon't know how to say that f*%&^$# name"
    You could hear giggling all up and down the halls. Never did find out if she's still working !!:roll :roll :roll :roll
  11. by   moonrose2u
    we have a "dr. dick" who is a surgeon...a "dr. leak" who is a urologist (yep, that's right)
  12. by   crazynurse1962
    As a student nurse I observed a Dr. Peters doing a penile implant.
    He joked around and had a good sense of humor...he had to have one with his name the fact that he was a urologist.

    Another local Dr here is Dr Skinner a dermatologist.
  13. by   Stormy
    I used to go to Dr. Flook.