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I love being a nurse

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  1. victoreia

    Ouch, I'm tired!!!!!!!

    AMEN. And I would like to add... the grass is not always greener on the other side and one should not talk about a surgeon complaining about working hard and not getting recognition when that's all that seems to be going on here... Maybe the surgeon is under a lot of stress, after all he holds a life in his hands, how do we know..... thou shall not judge lest he be judged back. Vicki RN
  2. victoreia

    Ouch, I'm tired!!!!!!!

    Letting my stressors get me down makes me tired. Some people spend so much time whining and complaining about their jobs, kids, husbands,that makes me tired. Walking through the door after a 12 hour shift and instantly becoming a mother and cooking and cleaning makes me tired. Having sex with my husband makes me tired. How about what perks you up?? What perks me up is when i go home and think about the life I helped save that day or the sick little child I made smile or the parent I educated about a medication and actually got a genuine thank you for. Seeing my kids good grades or some other accomplishment they made perks me up. Reading a good book perks me up. Taking a calgon bath after everone is asleep makes my tired wearry body and mind feel good. I knew when I got into nursing the hours stunk, working holidays stunk, putting up with over bearing god-like doctors stunk..... hm I did it anyway. Why? For the reasons mentioned above, the smile on the childs face, the life I helped save... Think of the good you do not the bad..... Vicki RN How about what perks you up?!
  3. victoreia

    Nice nurses don't........

    Good nurses kill them selves for their job Nice nurses should be politicians
  4. victoreia


    Me again, Vicki RN. Not to be annoying , but if I am don't read this then. My hubby works on chimmneys and towers and things. Any way my point is a kodak camera company spews out more air pollution then if every person in that city smoked. I live near a oil company and peoples roofs are so black from the soot it deposits that it is disgusting. So many things are bad for us. How about all the nasty preservatives in foods to keep it "fresh". I could go on and on. Smoking is bad for me. That I know but so is stress that causes someone to have a heart attack. So is eating to many fatty fried foods that clog your arteries. So is McDonalds food, might not kill ya but sure doesn't do the body good.... on and on and on...
  5. victoreia


    Hmmmm I smoke. I take two breaks each day and sometimes three and I make up for it. I work long hard hours, I skip lunch sometimes or eat in what seems like seconds, I do not preach to smokers or non smokers about what wierd, bad, or what ever habits they have. I never leave a busy unit or leave any other nurses without ample assist on a floor. However I like a break, rather it be to smoke or just to get a moment of peace to put myself and my problems , if I have any, into prespective. If a nurse feels I have "abandoned" her to go have a smoke I would hope she or he would be adult enough to tell me and maybe we could work out a better time or compremise somehow. Smokers get slack. I think nurses spend time on the phone for personel reasons then out side smoking. Don't we all get a "break" one way or another?? And shouldn't we all?? Hey, here is a suggestion for non-smokers who don't think they get a break..... take one!! Vicki RN
  6. victoreia

    Nurse Impersonators

    I agree with everyone.... Uniforms and identification badges are notenforced. Hopitals and other medical facilities allow aides and MA to do things only nurses should be doing to save a buck or two. I have a friend in Maryland, an MA who helps change dressings and blood draws and give medications. Nuses aides in LTC are giving medications out that they have little to no knowledge about and who gets in to trouble if they can't identify a reaction to a medication? Does that not fall back on the RN? In my work place I am ultimately responsible for the actions of the LPN's. I lkove the bright scrubs and things we can wear and we should be the only ones able to wear them. MA's should have their own.... Vicki RN... PS. funny I was thinking of this exact subject on the way home from work today. PSS. fogive my typo's I AM A NURSE NOT A TYPIST! :chuckle :roll
  7. victoreia

    So FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!

    I think a lot of hospitals under staff the night shift. But until nurses stop working over time and continue to over come and adapt it will always be that way. Even day nurses are short handed these dyas it seems, not as bad as night shift though. Vicki RN
  8. I love being a nurse, have always wanted to be a nurse and would not give it up for almost anything!! Vicki RN
  9. victoreia

    gender as a qualification

    I think male nurses should be able to work in any nursing area they want just as female nurses should be able to. Um a few of these replies were somewhat... different.. Like what do toilets have to do with L&D? If men have their places and females only have theirs we women would all be home having babies still. Women were once and I am sure still are discriminated against for a lot of professional choices they make ( ie sports news castors) (so sue me for poor spelling)But we faught for equal rights and so should male nurses!! Vicki RN
  10. victoreia

    How can u be biases???

    your welcome hope I helped..... Vicki RN
  11. victoreia


    this is not directed right at you. I just chose this spot to reply to the bashing I see going on. How can nurses stand united as one when they can not even get along on here? Every one is entitled to their own opinion and each of us should respect that. We are adults and should be able to express our opinion and get along without lashing out. The politics is what takes us away from patient care as it is and I see politics and different associations doing the same here, only it is taking away from nurses supporting other nurses instead of the client suffering it is us. Seems to me atleast that it is the political bull crap, from the hopitals to the ANA that hurts us.
  12. victoreia


    Sounds so easy. How do you get millions of nurses together to unionize when they are all working long hard rediculous hours? And how do you find your way through all the red tape and different laws? And how do you even go about getting union representation for nurses? These are all questions nurses need to know to even start to become united. Find me the answers and I'll get fired up with ya. I would love to see a united stand among nurses with one voice to represent them but how and where to start and where to find the time... Vicki RN
  13. victoreia


    I totally agree with the last part of your statement. If nurses want better treatment and wages... they need One Union and One voice. United we stand divided we fall.... we have no union in my town in Pa. They tried to get in but other people at the hospital (the CEO's) made the nurses believe all they would do was make them pay union dues and make less money. Hit them in the pocketbook. Falsified is what I felt they did. My husband is in an electrical workers union ( a large national union) and I thank goodness for that. Vicki, RN wish nurses would come together... I would just like to add.... I would not strike for better treatment or wages and put clients at risk or leave them without care (or at the mercy of just doctors)!!!! Union or not.
  14. victoreia

    lack of support among nurses?!

    I am relatively new here but from what I have read so far I like this site. However, I see a lack of support from one nurse to another. In the hospital the doctors are bad enough to work with but when you have no support from other nurses it can make a job you might have onced love pure he^%. Do any of you feel there is a lack of support from other nurses and if so what kind of problems do you think this causes? any suggestions for solutions? Your input would be appreciated. Vicki RN:confused:
  15. I would recommend nursing to anyone expressing an interest, if I felt they really wanted to go in that direction. I do not like to hear " I became a nurse to make money..." A good nurse is someone who wants to be a nurse, who cares for and respects clients and will be an advocate for them. Even when they are telling you to get the hell out of their room..... lol There are so many differnet fields of nursing these days I feel your bound to find a particular field you love. I will probably get slack for this but I don't think nurse wages are that bad, sure beats McDonalds. Working the holidays is probably the real draw back that might prevent me from recommnding someone go into nursing. I love it and wouldnt think of doing anything else. Vicki RN:D
  16. victoreia


    I totally agree. Borderlines will suck you dry and reek havic if they are inpatient too long. I worked in a MICA unit and many of our clients were borderline. I learned to spot them the minute they came through the door. Unfotunately the MICA unit is a 28 day inpatient stay. We get them to sign a contract that they will seek out staff if they feel self abusive and/or suicidal. Does this help? sometimes... we also try not to focus on the self abusive behavior but rather redirect them. Ever have 13 female borderlines together for 28 days. Not Pretty!!