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How about a list of wierd excuses for not coming to work? My favorite: I can't come in today, I'm having vision problems. I just don't see myself working. Kevin... Read More

  1. by   Alixandra
    I once had to call into work because I had nothing to wear. No, really it was a valid excuse. I had done my laundry, which included all of my work clothes, and put the basket on the bathroom counter, since that is where I got dressed every morning. Well apparently my cat dumped the basketsometime after I was in bed and all of my nice clean work clothes got all over the bathroom floor. OK, no big deal but I didn't know my work clothes were all over floor until the toilet in our bathroom backed up and put 1/2- 1 inch of raw sewage all over the floor and my work clothes. I felt so stupid calling in and saying that I couldn't come in because I no longer had any clean clothes. Then I got to run to the laundromat and rewash all of my now sewage soaked clothing.

    My mom and godmother worked with a woman who kept regenerating body parts. I say that because she had her gallbladder removed 5 times, had apendicitis 3 times and had no fewer than 7 hysterectomies. This was back in the early to mid 70's so any of these operations got you a massive amont of time off from work. She also had a lot of family, her mother died 4 times, her father 3. her grandmother died 7 times and her grandfather no fewer than 8. I think she also called a few times because her dog died. This was over a 5 year period before they finally started documenting all of this and fired her.

  2. by   tryingtomakeit
    I had to call once and tell my supervisor I would be late because my weenie dog had locked my keys in the jeep - along with herself and my purse, which held my extra set of keys. I had to wait until my husband got home so he could go to the dealership, get an extra set of keys and unleash the wrath of my locked up weenie dog!
  3. by   jaylonot
    :roll these are great!
  4. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from kmchugh
    How about a list of wierd excuses for not coming to work?

    My favorite: I can't come in today, I'm having vision problems. I just don't see myself working.

    aka "anal glaucoma" I just can't see my arse coming to work today"
  5. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I had to call in late one day because as I was walking out the door and tried to lock it, the lock itself broke and wouldn't lock. I couldn't get ahold of a locksmith, I was back and forth trying to call work and my apartment manager and ended up having to come in, leaving my apt. door unlocked. Luckily nothing happened but I was freaking out all shift.

    These other excuses and stories are awesome.
  6. by   3boysejj
    I got called in to work for a co-worker who called in because the electrcity had gone out and she couldn't get her car out of her garage.
  7. by   grace90
    Years ago a coworker called in 15 minutes before start of shift because her parent's toilet wasn't functioning properly.
  8. by   ak127
    I called in late once. I told my supervisor it was raining in my apartment. She thought it very odd that it was sunny outside but raining in my apartment...

    The woman above me had her water heater break. Actually true.

    Then it happened AGAIN two weeks later, I kid you not. I told a coworker who lives in my complex to come see the mess if they didn't beleive it because I didn't either!
  9. by   NurseStace
    Quote from dawngloves
    I'm locked *IN* my house!

    Hey now......lol.. I'm sad to say this has ACTUALLY happened to me. No.. I"m not blonde. We had a screwy deadbolt in our apartment that didnt always want to unlatch. Locked me in twice before I could convince mgmt to change it. I did make it to work, just a few hours late.
  10. by   mercyteapot
    We had a totally useless admin assistant a few years ago. She called off about half the time. My favorite involved a number of absences taken after one of those acrylic brochure holders fell on her nose as she was attempting to pull it off a high shelf without a stool. Never mind that it was her own fault that she got ''injured'' (if you can call a microscopic contusion an injury). This chick was calling in for weeks afterwards, saying ''I'm having trouble breathing through my nose'' and ''I was in so much pain last night I couldn't sleep''. I hope to God she didn't end up workman's comp for this, but she probably did. Thank God she left- to go to law school! She may be a personal injury attorney by now, lol.
  11. by   NurseyTonyaLPN
    Quote from Sjackson983
    In nursing school, this one student came to clinical late. His clothes were all wrinkled, he was a mess. His excuse for being late, "The headlights on my car don't work, so I had to wait till the sun came up to drive in to the hospital".
    I really had this happen to me! I'd had one headlight bulb out for a couple of weeks, my husband was supposed to fix it but hadn't gotten around to it, and I went to start my car to go to work (had to be there at 5:30 AM and I lived 45 min away) and the second bulb was out. Needless to say I was late and took it upon myself to get the bulbs at an auto part store and asked the guy there to help me put them in.
  12. by   santhony44
    We had a traveling nurse once who flew back up north to visit her family. She flew out of the Atlanta airport, a couple hours' drive from where we worked.

    She flew in just a few hours before she was supposed to be at work. When she went to get her car out of long-term parking, she found she'd left her keys in Michigan and didn't have a spare!

    It was the first time I'd heard anybody call in due to their car keys being in another state!
    Her sister overnighted her the keys.
  13. by   banditrn
    I got called to work because my co-workers husband took her car apart and couldn't get it back together.