Doctor, Doctor,

  1. Dr. Dr....I think I'm going deaf!.....
    Dr....Really?, what are the symptoms?
    patient....A yellow cartoon family!
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  3. by   gwenith
  4. by   BRANDY LPN
    I think I AM going blonde it took me about 5 min to get it. LOL very funny.
  5. by   Cubby
    ?? I still don't get it :stone Who are the yellow cartoon family?
  6. by   hock1
    Quote from Cubby
    ?? I still don't get it :stone Who are the yellow cartoon family?
    the Simpsons
  7. by   Cubby
    OK I admit it. Today I am a blonde. Must be the age difference. What do the Simpsons and being deaf have in common?
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Ohhhhhh . . . . that took me a minute too.

    Good one Don :chuckle

  9. by   Baby Catcher
    I thought I was just to old but I'm younger than some of you. Maybe it's because I don't watch the Simpsons but I still don't get it.
  10. by   Baby Catcher
    Ok. I've redeemed myself. I was in the shower and the lightbulb went on. I was reading what are your symptoms but it's written what are the symptoms. Yes I can say DUH.
  11. by   jnette
    Boy... am I ever the slow train........ wasn't 'til I pondered Donny's remarks that it finally came to me.

    heh. always was the one to suddenly burst out laughing at the most inappropriate time (like three hours later when the joke had long been forgotten)... and have heads turn..

    Them: "what's up with HER?" "what's SHE laughing about?"

    Me:"The joke ! ................Remember???" :uhoh21:

    Them: "WHAT joke ???"

    Me: "ha ha, ha ha... the one from... uh... the one.. uh...

    from three hours ago about..." :imbar :imbar :imbar
  12. by   kc ccurn
    gheez, took me long enough.......
  13. by   VA_CCRC

  14. by   donmurray
    Almost! ......But it's.....Doh! :chuckle