Changing Lightbulbs

  1. How long does it take a Nurse to change a lightbulb?

    Only 1 minute, but then it takes her 45 minutes to document it.
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    You forgot the 15 minutes it took her to look it up in the policies & procedures manual.

    :chuckle Good one KaraLee!

  4. by   sharann
    How about the 123 minutes it takes to get the lightbulb delivered from engineering/central?
    Liked this one!
  5. by   OrthoNutter
    And the 4 wks it takes to justify to management that the bulb was actually needed in the first place and wasn't an unnecessary expense in an already tight budget.
  6. by   nakitamoon
    OMG,,,,,,,,,,, soooooo funny,,,,,

    Sad part is that is sooooo true,,,,,,,,,,

  7. by   fedupnurse
    Hey don't you need to track down the doctor for an order first?? That could take hours!!! And then there is stacking all the chairs and tables to reach the light bulb since a ladder would make the job easier so naturally it is not available....
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Dont' forget informing the lightbulb's whole electical family----circuitry, boards, outlets, yadayada....informing them about thw whole process....must never leave family members out.... oh andwhat about INFORMED CONSENT? shouldn't that be done before any MAJOR change? rofl. i am too silly and it is too damn early.
  9. by   NurseDennie
    Hey - fedupnurse! You don't have to track down a doctor for a lightbulb order change. Just go ahead, change it, and then when a doc is handy, you INFORM him that he ordered it changed and he's to go RIGHT NOW and initial the verbal order you took!

    Also don't forget to CYA with the next shift, to make sure they're not going to trash your rep about the mess you made in changing the bulb.


    :chuckle :chuckle You guys are hilarious!

  11. by   BugRN
    Don't forget that you had to check w/ at least 3 different light bulb manufacturers to get the best price for the bulb, then present as a capital expense to the board for approval as a necessary item. Then do a QA on the bulb's performance in comparison w/ 3 other bulbs and have staff input as to the " light quotient ability" of this bulb and compare to 3 other bulbs........
    Too Funny can we think of others??
  12. by   Zee_RN
    Did you try alternatives measures before resorting to using a new light bulb to correct the "Ineffective Visual Acuity Secondary to Absence of Light Source"?
  13. by   nrw350
    Ahh, what you need to do is swipe a bulb from the suit's office while they are roaming the halls and replace it with the blown bulb. Then they would be stuck in the dark (which is where they need to be sometimes) lol.

  14. by   caroladybelle
    Did you do the CBE first to certify that you are qualified to change the lightbulb - otherwise, you need to find someone that was there the day of the inservice to change it.

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