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I got these in my email and not heard some of them before. If anybody has anymore add yours, I love these things!:chuckle If You Can Read This, I've Lost My Trailer If You Drink, Don't Park;... Read More

  1. by   MtnMan
    Screw You I Have Enough Friends
  2. by   Jay-Jay
    If I was following you as close as you're following me, your car would be pregnant!
  3. by   RN from OZ
    The definition of revenge :Live long enough to be a burden on your children.
  4. by   funnygirl_rn
    The gene pool could use a little chlorine.

    You are driving a car: it is not a phone booth, beauty parlor or a restaurant!
  5. by   altomga

    and my all time favorite......my motto!!!

    "BITE ME"
  6. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Love all these!!! :chuckle

    How about mine: They are not bumper stickers, but are my favorite pins. I collect pins with sayings that make me laugh and wear them to work.

    "Prozac & Starbucks - Breakfast of Champions"

    "I dress this way to bother you"

    "My life is a Soap Opera"

    "I may not look busy but on a cellular level, I am really quite active."
  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    "Honk if you have never seen a full-auto UZI fired from a car window"

  8. by   sbic56
    Originally posted by Caveman
    "Militant Agnostic....I don't know and neither do you."
    Where can I get this one?!
  9. by   Tilleycs
    Screw You I Have Enough Friends
    LOL! I love this one! I wish I had it!

    I've seen:

    - If you don't like my driving, stay off the sidewalk!
    - My kid beat up your honor student
    - If God doesn't want us to eat animals, why does he make them out of meat?

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