Another Scam!!!

  1. Recieved this from my step-mother and thought I'd pass it on....

    I don't usually send these scam warnings, because most of the warnings are scams, but I think you'll want to watch out for this one. Take this SERIOUSLY!!


    If a man comes to your front door saying he is conducting a survey, and he asks you to show him your boobs . . .DO NOT SHOW HIM YOUR BOOBS! This is a scam, and he is only trying to SEE YOUR BOOBS. I wish I had heard about this before yesterday. I feel so stupid.
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I'll show him mine if he shows me... well you know the rest!
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Geeze, now I feel so silly. I fell for that one.
    They seem so real. The lab coat, badge from the health the time I didn't think to question her.

    I found out later, only after calling several times, that the health department does not have a door to door hernia inspector.

    Gaaawd, I am so embarassed. I turned and coughed and everything!
  5. by   huckfinn
    Got me too!
    Mine said she was checking up on testicular disorders. What a fool I have been. I even shaved for the exam. It's starting to get cold here too!
  6. by   rjlrn95
    I Love It and it is so good to come home and laugh before I go to bed. Don't know what I'd do without y'all some days !!!!!
  7. by   nur20
    OMG !!! I had to take an enema for this exam !!!!!!
  8. by   kewlnurse
    WOW, what a simple yet deviously clever scam, why didn't i think of it.

    And to think that I though it would be another DON'T OPEN THE MAIL/DON'T GO TO THE MALL/DON'T GET ON A PLANE warning.

    Thanks guys!
  10. by   Zee_RN
    Yee-haw, you guys are hilarious! I LOVE this one...don't think I'll my hubby about it though or he'll be out there in his white lab coat, going door-to-door.....

    *giggle, giggle*
  11. by   StaceRacer1

    too late!!!

  12. by   Dplear you tell me.

    I thought it ws strange when thaat guy came around to check for prostate cancer and I felt both of his hands on my shoulders.......
  13. by   AnneD
    I feel so gullable I couldn't figure why they needed my panties and bra but he assured me it was for research purposes. And darnit, they were my new pair of Victoria Secret. Those water bras aren't cheap
  14. by   debbyed

    i really gotta stop answering the door half asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!