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I have recently been diagnosed with A. A. A. D. D. (Advanced Absentminded Attention Deficit Disorder) This is how it goes: I decide to wash the car; I start toward the garage and notice... Read More

  1. by   shygirl
    I must have it too!

    I wake up with all the intentions of making a good breakfast for family, 0700.

    I get up and see the puppy had an accident- have to clean it up. I notice as i am cleaning it up, the floor could use a good vacuuming.0715.

    I do the carpet and "Oh, how can I not do all the bedrooms too.0720.

    As I get close to the kitchen, the floor could use a good mopping!0730.

    I see in the corner by the chair, last night I threw a dirty dishtowel that has spilled milk on it. I say to my self I am just going to go downstairs and throw a quick load in.0735.

    Get downstairs and realize I need to wash uniforms. Start sorting the whites and realize we are out of laundry soap. I'll go to the store. Kiss everyone Goodbye and say I'll be right back.0800.

    Get to the store and see they have other food items that we would need ON SALE! How can I resist? I shop.I go home.0850.

    Get home, everyone hungry. Tell them I'll make breakfast in a minute. Put groceries away. Eggs fall to the floor and three break. Now I HAVE to wash the floor!0915.

    Go back downstairs to switch the loads and Oprah is on. Sit down for a few minutes. Someone from upstairs yells, "When are you coming up? We're hungry!" go upstairs. 1000.

    Go in little spare room to put towels away. See computer. Say to self just going to check email, allnurses, etc. Hubby comes in and says, "I'm getting cereal for us!" I say "Okay"1100.
  2. by   Jamesdotter
    At our house it's referred to as Halfheimer's Syndrome or CRS (can't remember sh-t)
  3. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by nurse51rn
    So that's what's wrong with me! I thought I had Sometimers Disease...sometimes my brain works and sometimes it doesn't.
    :roll BWAAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! :roll

    so THAT's what i've got!!! HHAHHAHAHAAAHAAHA~
  4. by   nakitamoon

    At least now I have a dx,,,,, AAADD,,,,,,,

    You described my days,,,,, as if you were living them!!!! I was worried,,,, ya know would 'lose my head if it weren't attached'

    Have made sooooo many repeated trips back to the place I started to remember where I'm going,,,,,, sigh,,,,,,

    Thank so much nursegoodguy,,,, Finnally giving a name to my symptom,,,,,,,, LMAO,,,,

    Cargal,,,,,, love the cerebral flatulence!!!!!!!! rotflmao,,,,,,
    ~~~ Moon
  5. by   adrienurse
    It's like ou're talking about my life!
  6. by   CAprisonRN
    I do believe that AAADD is the end-stage of Nurseheimer's Disease.
  7. by   studentOH
    so THAT is what I have. thanks for posting!

  8. by   babynursewannab
    Is this the official support group???

    I've been suffering for years...lost a good man, some friends and a dog to it...currently I'm finding... hey! Who are you people and where did you put my car keys?