A phantom poo

  1. Today I was assisting a pt to transfer himself from the bed to commode. He has wearing tshirt, pad and jocks. Transfer was uneventful, assisted him with his shower, got back to the patient's 5 bed room, went back to the side of the bed looked down, and between my feet was the hugest BA. I swear it wasn't there when we left for the bathroom! None of the roommates seemed to notice it was there, I was so shocked!

    It kept me laughing all day, Im just thankful I didnt step in it!
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  3. by   justme1972
    See, this is why I want to work with babies.......
  4. by   nursstudent08
    i had a patient that was continent of bowl and bladder and instead of using the restroom or asking for assisst to go to the restroom he would just urinate on the walls < spelliing out his name > when asked why he was doing that he told us that he was leaving us something to remember him by.<HEHE>
  5. by   ritarunningfeet
    I had one where the lights in the room were off and the only light on was the one under the bed, well it looked like a huge! soft poo right on the floor by the foot of the bed, the pt was demented! Turns out it was a cup of chocolate pudding the other nurse had left on the bedside table got knocked onto the floor by the pt! Talk about relief when we turned on the light and found the pudding cup!
  6. by   caliotter3
    I'd rather find pudding anytime!
  7. by   lupin
    When I worked on the Alzheimer's units, we would find poo in the strangest places, closets, trashcans, planters. I found a lady climbing out of one of the huge laundry baskets where she had left a suprise. Another lady (non-verbal) came up the hallway holding something in her hand. It was part of a giant terd! She looked like she had no idea where it came from, so then we went out on a "poo" treasure hunt to find the rest. The funniest was when we were rounding people up to come to dinner. The CNAs had just wiped off the tables and were escorting people to their seats and in the middle of one table was a huge pile of poo. The nearest pts were both wheel chair bound and not even able to throw. I know with Alzheimer's they forget the appropriate way to use things, which is why they use trashcans and such, but after climbing up on a table, undressing yourself, pooing, and then climbing back down, at some point, wouldn't they think to themselves that it seems more complicated to use the bathroom than it used to?
  8. by   KckStrt
    i hate poo.... my first semester in nursing school poo seemed to be the theme. i would become nauseated and gag if i have to clean somebody up, now, last semester, it has become part of routine. my fellow students still make fun of me if i have a code brown.
  9. by   kjf
    Didnt have a problem with poo til some nice patient grabbed a handfull and started to mould it into a shape ,guess he was a sculpter ,reminded me of close encounters :spin:
  10. by   Iwannabeababynurse
    i agree with hopefull2009 about thats why i want work with the babies. i think i can handle cleaning up after a baby better then i could an older person.
  11. by   dotbear
    At the beginning of day shift, a PCT found a large pile of poo in the shower with a thermometer stuck in it. We decided someone was conducting a test to see how long it takes poo to come to room temperature.
  12. by   strn96
    When I worked M/S I had a pt with explosive diarrhea p bowel prep. One time after she had filled the BSC, one of the legs on the commode broke.
    When we came to see what made the crash, poor pt was sitting in the middle of the floor in the middle of a big mess of poo. It was splattered all over the pt, bed, walls, and even some on the ceiling. It was one massive, disgusting clean-up job!
  13. by   WickedRedRN
    When I worked in psych, a little old lady came up to the cart while I was doing med pass. She sat a folded up paper towel on my cart and asked me to hold on to it. When I asked what "it" was, she calmly said "My Mother's brain." I lifted up the corner and quickly realized it was a rather large bit of poo. Looking back, I have to laugh, never a dull moment in psych!

    BTW...mom's brain went to the commode, and I had to stop and sanitize my cart.
  14. by   flonurse
    When I worked on a Spinal Injuries Unit we had to do manual bowel evacuations - I still don't know how I did that job!!! - but here's the phantom poo bit: One day after finishing that task I could still smell poo...I checked carefully and didn't have any on my uniform...still the unmistakeable odour of poo.My whole morning went like that - phantom whiffs of poo until I finally sat down to eat lunch and glanced down at my rolled up shirt sleeve to see a blob of poop neatly settled into the folded up sleeve!!!! - And you know I still manged to eat lunch after changing uniforms.

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