A humorous nursing note!! funny and true

  1. This was written by one of our frustrated nurses because nothing ever works on our postpartum floor. The ice machine has been broken and on order for about a year, 1/2 the tv's broken, 1 blood pressure machine that works etc..........

    NURSES NOTE: Antepartum pt arrives to the ward via w/c with no legs rests and one arm rest, Pt states, "I can't hold my legs up anymore." Pt oriented to room broken call bell within reach. Pt states, "Is there supposed to be a dial tone on the telephone? (there isn't) Is this TV broken?(TV snow), How do you make the bed go up" A horrible metallic grinding sound was heard through the building (sorry ma'am last bed on the floor) Pt stated, "Where is my bedside table? Can I have a pillow?" (table stolen from greedy neighbor, pt given rolled up sheet as pillow) 18 G IV started in L forearm, IVAC pump repeatedly reads FLOW ERROR! FLOW ERROR! (flow meter missing) replaced IV tubing with Gemini. Nurse-on-a-stick (BP machine) reports AIR LEAK! AIR LEAK! Beyond repair. Bedside-table-blood pressure-cart wheeled in and plugged into broken emergency outlet. Upon auscultation of pts lungs RN had to get a second opinion when she thought she heard crackles.(It was later discovered that if you stretch your neck back as to hold the stethoscope straight you won't get the external noise interference through the cracks. Temperature taken with the only working thermometer (shhhh don't tell the mom the wires are frayed) Pt temp 101.1 pt request ICE (new ice machine replacement on order over 9 months) and snack. Apples moldy d/t pt refridgerator temp 78.4. Pt states, "I'm chilly can I have another blanket" Linen cart empty (second trip to peds for a blanket ) RN attempted to get FHT with broken Doppler that repeatedly shut off and sounded emergency alarms. Orders not placed in computer d/t computer being down. Laboratory throat culture hand written on the Standard lab specimen slip. Husband was recruited to go to administration for retreaval of stamper card and returned stating, "the computer is down they cannot give me any paperwork" (Handwritten name and social on each individual document) Dietary came with request to fill out each meal and a need to fax ASAP. FAX MACHINE REPORTING. ERROR/UNABLE TO SEND!!! Pt medications irretrievable d/t medications not being in computer (orders hand carried to pharmacy) Husband became human IV pole d/t no poles. Pt requested toilet seat to be cleaned d/t blood on the seat.

    Disclaimer: The above events are based on a true story if you don't believe it ask the staff!
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    next step.

    husband looks for nurse and finds him/her broken in corner.

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    So sad! Unfortunately I'm sure it is true.
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    Geeez, it sounds like where I work. Our ice amchine has been broken for almost a year. They bring ice in a big trash can. The problem is people think it is a trash can and so we usually have a nice mixture of melting ice and garbage.
    Isn't that special!
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    :roll LMAO!! That was too funny! But it was also really sad, becuase unfortunately so true in many facilities. Things are always seeming to break at the facility where I work (LTC), I always joke that "this would be a good place to live"! Alot of the staff bring in their own equipment and take it home at end of shift. To give a fair shake to Administration, I'm sure it is hard to keep up the equipment breakdowns, but within reason....not everything broke down!
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    Hey! I had that bed when I had my baby!:chuckle
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    Our place is like that, too! Even our pens don't write!
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    An ohhh too familiar setting. I wonder if all the big wigs go to a conference to learn how to run a health care organization!?!
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    That's so sad that it's funny.

    I hate it when I place an obese pt into a broken bed. I can already see that they are conscience about their body and here she sits in a bed and the head goes slowly down to supine position and no matter what I say she thinks it's b/c of her wt. So sad!

    I can see why these hospitals can't afford to fix the equipment when a bed costs around $5,000 a piece.

    I can see the day when the pt has to bring in his own personal pillow and linens. Oh, I hope that I didn't just give someone in administration an awful idea.
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    LMBO sounds like most hospitals in Quebec!
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    Quote from MickeymomRN
    I hate it when I place an obese pt into a broken bed. I can already see that they are conscience about their body and here she sits in a bed and the head goes slowly down to supine position and no matter what I say she thinks it's b/c of her wt. So sad!
    I know this is an old thread, but i literally LOL'ed at this part!! We have a chair like that at my work! Not too good for those weight-conscious nurses.