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  1. outbackannie

    Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    I took care of a guy who was gently confused. Thought his call light would do everything...raise and lower the head of the bed, change tv channels, etc. Kept me hopping that day!
  2. outbackannie

    What you get for nurses week

    Our gift???? Joint Commision showed up unannounced. We passed with flying colors, but none of the staff got even a "Thank You" or "Good job" not to mention not even a "Happy Nurses' Day!"
  3. outbackannie

    Would you call in because you didn't get any sleep?

    I tried coming to work without any sleep; thought I could make it thru on No-Doze. Actually, over-dosed myself with No-Doze and coffee causing tachycardia. Had to go to ER. Got flushed out and sent home. That was twenty odd years ago and the last time I tried it.
  4. outbackannie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    I would think there would be an orientation from the Home Health Agency that you are working for. Certainly they don't plan to just hand you a folder of papers and turn you loose. That would be wrong. As former HH Supv, I would take the newbies out on visits with me. That way they become acquainted with my patients and the paperwork involved. It pays to have a city map in your car and plot out your visits by locale. Always call your patients before you come to visit so that they have a time frame when to expect you and ask them for specific directions. Also, call them if you find yourself running late. As you become close to your patients and their families, they worry about you too, and if you're late they begin to stress out! Home Health is one of the most rewarding experiences in the medical profession. Have a great time!!!!
  5. outbackannie

    Croc shoes Worth it? Or forget it??

    Love my crocs - still feel like dancing after a 12 hr day Found they vary from one shoe to the next and also do stretch out a bit. So is best to try them on. I got 7 pairs
  6. outbackannie

    What is ur average 2 week take home pay?

    1. Type of nurse: Med-Surg 2. Required 84 hours per pay period of 2 weeks 3. 26 yrs as RN but does not factor into pay scale 4. 12 hr shifts - days 5. Blythe, CA 6. Avg gross $2300 per pay period
  7. outbackannie

    Caught in the middle

    A patient was admitted to the floor with cellulitis of the face. The doctor ordered Ampicillin 3 Gm IV q6 hr. Since the patient was close to 300 lbs. this seemed to be an appropriate dose. He also ordered the same anti-hypertensive med that the patient had been on for several months to control her hypertension. Her BP was 240/110 on admission. Our clinical pharmacist refused to supply the medications because she didn't agree with the dosing. The doctor was called and informed of the pharmacists concern. He insisted that the patient receive the medications as ordered. The pharmacist still would not dispense the medications. What would you do as the nurse caring for this patient?
  8. outbackannie

    Student need advice

    It's been quite awhile since I graduated from Mesa Community College.(1979) It took me 2 years including summer and night sessions to get into the program. At the time the "waiting list" was dependent on how many pre-req's and co-reqs were completed. The nursing school faculty want you to have everything done in advance so that you can devote all your time to nursing and clinical practice. They didn't want you to be working either.
  9. outbackannie

    Nurse Abused In Phoenix area

    Is it not a Federal Offense to assault any healthcare worker?
  10. outbackannie


    What is the Arizona State Legislature thinking when they are proposing elimination of mandatory licensure for RN's and LPN's? They are proposing certification and registration instead.Seems like it would be much easier for imposters to invade our state with little consequences if they do get caught.
  11. Now, whatever happened to "Total Patient Care"? I am told that Flo Nightingale died of syphillis.:chuckle I received a request to climb in bed with a gentleman to keep him warm during the night. "That's part of my job" I was informed by him. I told him I'd bring him another blanket.
  12. outbackannie

    Funny Names for Nurses

    We have a Nurse Hartless. Dr Oh and Dr Pi are partners in Gastroenterology Clinic. Dr. Sunshine is the local urologist, Dr. Rott is a surgeon.
  13. outbackannie

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    You know I'm a nurse- My scrubs are my best clothes. I watch wound care and ostomy inservices during lunch. I can calculate urine output by just listening. I use a graduate to mix my drinks.
  14. outbackannie

    The solution to nursing problems

    I think in order to accomplish what we want, nurses need to quit their hospital employer and either go into independent contracting or join a registry. That way uou can be assured of a decent hourly rate, can pick and choose your shift and days/nights you want to work. If they hospital didn't comply with your terms of contract - FINITO! - they lose your services, and word of mouth could finish them off.
  15. outbackannie

    The solution to nursing problems

    MacDonaald's has a bigger "gene pool" from which to draw and at minimal wage; but I understand what you're trying to say. The problem being- patient's are sicker and more needy, are more aware of the importance of a nurse in their recovery process-and even IF management approved a ratio of 1 nurse for every 4-5 pattients, where do they get the nurses from during a shortage?
  16. outbackannie

    The solution to nursing problems

    Very good, Youda! Sounds like you implemented your nursing diagnostic skill once again. For me to attend a march in Washington, D.C. would be an extreme hardship on my family. They come first. That doesn't mean I don't care about how nurses are treated. My philosophy is if you don't want to be a doormat, don't lie down! I've had to tell a few MD's and Administration that they are out of line. I've never had repercussions from doing so.

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