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No matter how many self-righteous managers and nurses might deny it, there is still plenty of discrimination against job hunters with ethnic names. All you have to do is Google to find plenty of... Read More

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    Quote from eatmysoxRN
    I remember when I graduated high school and was searching for scholarships, most of the ones I found required the recipient be a certain race, and it was never
    . . .and if you DARED to complain about it, YOU would be called the racist. *rolls eyes*
  2. by   eklecticsol
    we live in a society that discriminates in all aspects, whether it be race, gender or curtual beliefs..we need to stop being so jaded against others for stuff thst has been tolerated for years!!! i can agree with all the previous post... being a minority and having an ethic name doesnt mean bad or that people hate" you...or that you have it worse than anybody else... being white, or non minority doesnt mean they have it better!!! im sorry but ... be the best you that you can be... no matter what race, gender, etc.. we are all in this together !
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    Quote from misstgo
    @man-nurse2be he's not using the 'n' word, the other gamers are using it. Read my post again. I'm being called a ni***r at least 3 times by a racist person.
    I see misstgo, well slap them to hell and back! I've encountered racist customers, and racist police all in the line of doing my job, one was a few years back when I was a meter reader/and repairing electric meters, just minding my business walking house to house, next thing you know the cops show up. I just showed them my ID from the electric company and they went on their way. It is annoying tho. And for other posters, I totally agree racism can happen to anyone including white people. But just as an outsider immigrant who just came to USA 8 years ago I can tell everyone, that America has tonnes of tolerance problems, and very bad racism problems. I know it happens everywhere but I never thought it was this bad in the largest "free" country in the world. Back home I had black friends, white friends, indian friends, chinese, hindi, muslim whatever race or religion it really did not matter, but here it like one of the first thing thats on everyones mind. Not to talk about stigmas, people see me assume yep black = hiphop, yeah i like some, but I like Greenday, Nickleback, Avril Lavigine and Katy Perry too. Noone is trying to get to really KNOW a person on the inside anymore...its really sad....Me I refuse to let is run or ruin my life.
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    Thanks a lot, Im nursing Student in Puerto Rico and I will go to USA, When I finish my degre and Im worry because my name is common Pedro but my last name is Izquierdo (left In spanish) and I KNOW is kinda hard for English speakers. Btw I physically lookliketypical white american Blond and brown eyes but I'M latino with strong accent LOL
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    I've been called a racist because I didn't vote for Obama. I didn't vote for Gore, Clinton, Carter, johnson, Kennedy either, but, apparently those times I was a Republican, but this time I was a racist.
  6. by   biomimetical
    Whoa now everyone. I only wanted to point out that discrimination towards ethnic/minority names occurred in the hiring process (and backed it up with sources). Please don't go pointing out that life sucks more for you because you're white or black or were bullied or didn't get enough scholarships - it sucks for all of us, all around, for different reasons, and griping at each other just kills the community spirit.

    Rather than pointing fingers at each other for not suffering as much as yourself, the least we can do for now is to try our best to make sure that the place where we DO work is less violent or discriminatory. For EVERY race or ethnicity.

    In the meantime, like I said: If you have an Anglicized nickname (or even if you go by Jen instead of Jennifer), use that name when applying for jobs instead.

    Bonus: If you're still stuck on racism, here are a few different articles to get you thinking.
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    Got whiteness? Studies say you're racist
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