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  1. eklecticsol

    Siena college of health

    Hey all, So I've been getting emails and stuff from this forum! I'm currently enrolled in Siena college. It's 100% online until clinicals that'll take place in Florida in oct ! We have to do a live clinical for a week in Oct. Normally, you'd go to Florida for clinicals once a month thurs, fri, and sat. Due to covid, clinicals are simulated online! Prerequisites- Siena college and carleen give you placement for English comp 1,2 math, psych, developmental psychology, A&P. Although, if you want to transfer and get your BSN do those classes at a community College Price-$16,500 you pay the down payment, then you pay a monthly payment. They'd prefer you pay the $2700 a month, but they'll work with you on payment. You won't get your transcripts or ticket to test until your debt is paid in full! Program length- 6-9 months Lecture and structure- we have class every Wednesday from 10-2 or 6-10 . Assignments are due Thursday at midnight, you're given a 12 hour grace period. Right now. We're in review and " test your knowledge mode". Studying from and with sanders comprehensive, sanders q&a, and Lippincott over 200 questions are due a week You can contact them 102 Larch Ave. Suite #203 Rene: 678-481-8187 bernadel98@gmail.com Newport, Delaware 19804 Mercy: 302-565-7528 Mnyamokoh@gmail.com Office # 302-692-7655 Nadage: 347-424-1539 bernadeln35@gmail.com I hope this has helped !!
  2. eklecticsol

    Hesi A2

    The math. I used the study guide ed. 4 just to refresh and it was exactly like the test. I scored a 89 in the math section. Addition, subtraction, ratios and fractions. Lots of fractions so I focused heavy on those and the ruses of fraction. Reading comp. It was simple, if you can read a paragraph and understand what it's saying anD answer questions on what you read you'll be fine. I didn't even study this section and I got a 90 in it. Grammar, verbs, noins, pro-nouns, sentence structure, again, it's all in the study guide. I took additional quizzes to help with it and also read them aloud to see if they made any sense ! 89 there. A&P, I used the study guide again as well as a few quizlet tools and I passed it as well. I could of put more effort In to but I was so worried about biology (which I failed) I neglected the rest but still did fairly well! I hope this helps. Oh and because I'm not much of a book learner , I went to pintrest and looked up hesi- and whichever subject you are having the most issue with. I found diagramsome and illustrations much more help find for myself ! Again good luck to you !!
  3. eklecticsol

    Hesi A2

    I need Help!! Lol I'm bugging all the way out, I was conditionally accepted into a lon-rn program on the grounds that I pass my biology hesi this time.. every other subject is a 83 or above for me but biology is a 64 (roughly 3 questions off). So my question, how'd you do on that subject ? What other resources did you use ? I'm using hesi exam book, youtube, matrix, quiz let. ! I know exactly where I'm weak at . Function and use of microscope(steps), cell structure flagellum, respiration (assuming cellular), Kerbs cycle, exocytosis, competitive inhibitors!! I know there were some thingd I second guessed myself on but any help would be totally loved and appreciateD
  4. eklecticsol

    Renewl help

    Pull the renewal app offline, fill it out, pay the 110 and send it to them priority mall. If you cafe are really inpatient like me. Take it up to the bored of nursing and get finger printed there as well so they get it instantly!
  5. eklecticsol

    New Grad Jobs In Philadelphia and Surrounding Area

    Try preferred homecare !
  6. eklecticsol

    What is your current LPN salary

    Silver springs ,M.D. outside D.C. ltc and rehab $22 New grad!!
  7. eklecticsol

    Exam Cram NCLEX-PN or Exam Cram Practice questions

    I went back and re took ati, and also did questions from exam cram and Kaplan.. don't buy it, just sit in Barnes and noble and read it!! (That's what we did)
  8. eklecticsol

    Kaplan Nclex-Pn VS Exam Cram

    Hey! I just took my nclex Monday and I find that Kaplan gives great rationale, exam cram gives lots of questions!! I like Kaplan more
  9. eklecticsol

    Any App suggestions?

    im not sure what type of learner u are but im not big on reading much... (sad but true)! i watch mosby videos and youtube also i listen to it over and over again to see how to do things and walk myself through it!! i also practice perfoming the act as well.. the nclex study guides are a life saver.. remember critical thinking you use daily... its just about doing the action that makes the most sense!!! hopefully this helps and peace be unto you!!
  10. eklecticsol

    is the lpn program less hard/stressful than the ADN program?

    never speak neg about yourself... words are power!!! the lpn is condensed into 1 yr equal toyour first yr of adn... lpn is lots of clinical and application 60%, theory makes up 40%, adn isthe other way around... depends on what you feel you are stronger in easy?? not hardly!!! id suggest go talk to a adn program rep as well as lpn rep. ask lots of question!!!
  11. eklecticsol

    you know you are a nursing student if....

    you continusly find areas on your body for intramuscular, sub q, and iv sites!!!! you think about needle sticks and the size, you have nightmares about folleys, ostomys,you hear about people who use drugs and all you can think it hmmmm hope they dont have a mitrovalve prolaspe, you live on 4/5 hours of sleep... and caffine is therapy!!!!
  12. eklecticsol

    Fundamentals done!

    thank you.. i needed to see this.. we are two weeks into fundementals and i feel like im drowing right now!!! but i can pull through this!!! thank you for motivation
  13. eklecticsol

    Discrimination Against Ethnic/Minority Names

    we live in a society that discriminates in all aspects, whether it be race, gender or curtual beliefs..we need to stop being so jaded against others for stuff thst has been tolerated for years!!! i can agree with all the previous post... being a minority and having an ethic name doesnt mean bad or that people hate" you...or that you have it worse than anybody else... being white, or non minority doesnt mean they have it better!!! im sorry but ... be the best you that you can be... no matter what race, gender, etc.. we are all in this together !
  14. eklecticsol

    Need some advice on working vs. not working.

    it depends on what type of student you are...i started orientation and found out i was overwhelmed!!! so my psrt time i quit and decided to keep my on call job... direct support for mentally disabled.. nit hard work!!! if you have money saved, and a great support... i personally wouldnt work!!! temp set back, for long term rewards snd being able to give it your all!!! if you believe in a higher power, ill tell you to pray about it!!! best of luck
  15. eklecticsol

    Waiting on approval to practice nursing with a Juvenile record

    if its important to you... and youve worked this hard... fight for it!!!
  16. eklecticsol

    Wet Hair Don't Care?

    man oh man i know how u feel!!! gaving natrually curly thick hair is a blessing and a pain!!! i plan to let it air dry and wear it pinned up or in a ponytail because the last thing id wanna do it fling my wet moosued up hair in a patient, classmate, or my own face while starting an iv!!! i know it sucks... but i think ponytail holders will have to be our best friends in clinicals!! :redbeathe

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