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  1. Hey Jess are you available to answer a question about portage learning - micro for me, please ! 

  2. JessLPNtoRN

    Ethics thru Portage Learning

    Hi. There’s a lot of writing. There are 2 exams. They’re not hard, I believe 1 of exams has 1-2 open ended questions. On a scale of 1-10 of how difficult the class is, it’s a 4 for me and that’s only because of how many journals you have to read. There’s really no right or wrong answer because ours you’re opinion, just follow the directions.
  3. JessLPNtoRN

    Portage or Straighterline?!

    Because it’s self paced I think you can take as many courses as you like. Micro is not hard it’s my professor. You can 1 hour to take each exam. The labs are really easy and you can use your notes for the lab test so I didn’t study for those. You do need to study for the module exams. I haven’t taken Nutrition at Portage but I heard it’s very easy. As far as A&P 2, it’s a lot of work but I personally would take another course with A&P 2 (no science courses). The test were straight forward most multiple choice, if you study you’ll be fine. Don’t rush. It took me about 4 months to complete A&P 2 only because I didn’t work on it everyday. My professor for that class was great, responsive and helpful. After each module you’ll have to answer questions. Make sure you really know the answers and use that to help you study. The labs are long compared to Micro but not hard.
  4. JessLPNtoRN

    Portage or Straighterline?!

    Yes to a community college and they had no problem accepting them.
  5. JessLPNtoRN

    portage learning

    I’m interested in taking Ethics at Portage as well. I’m currently enrolled in Micro at Portage and took A&P2 and Chemistry a few months back. Good experiences with both classes. My Micro class is not going as well as my previous classes. My professor is not good with answering my questions. For an example I asked for help and told her that I was confused and she responded back “the course will get easier as you get deeper into the modules”.
  6. JessLPNtoRN

    St Francis School of Nursing

    Hi. Is there anyone applying to St Francis School of Nursing in Trenton NJ?
  7. JessLPNtoRN

    St Francis School of Nursing

    Hello. Is there anyone attending or just got accepted into the school St. Francis School of Nursing in Trenton NJ?
  8. JessLPNtoRN

    Did anyone here take nutrition with portage?

    Anyone take Ethics at Portage Learning?
  9. JessLPNtoRN

    Portage learning

    Thanks for responding. My professor is not so easy. Did you follow the outline for the course? I’m thinking about taking 1 lab a day so then I can focus just on the lecture modules. Also did you take Ethics at portage?
  10. JessLPNtoRN

    Portage Learning

    Hello. Has anyone used Portage for Ethics class? I’m trying to decide if I should take it at Portage or Cowley College.
  11. JessLPNtoRN

    Cowley College/ Portage Learning

    Hello. I just got accepted into a RN program and I need to take Ethics. Has acting taken an Ethics class at Cowley College or online through Portage Learning? I would love some insight. Thank you
  12. JessLPNtoRN


    Hello. Has anyone taken the Ethics course at Portage Learning?