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  1. rosebud44

    Siena college of health

    Hi all, I was wondering have anyone ever heard about Siena college of health in west palm Florida? I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me their experience.. I really don’t need the comments about crappy school because I went to Lincoln tech and that was crappy but I did a lot of self taught and I’m fine with that... just looking for a doable fast pace rn program or lpn to rn I am looking at ichs but just asking around ....
  2. rosebud44

    International College of Health Sciences

    Hey email me we can exchange info kaydian_rose@yahoo.com
  3. Hi I saw you commented on the school international college of health sciences, did you end up going? I’m planning on starting in febuaru

  4. rosebud44

    International College of Health Sciences

    How are the classes are they difficult? Also are u flying out every 15 weeks?
  5. Hi do you know anyone who has attended and completed the sienna college of health lpn -rn program?

  6. Hey I saw you asked about that 6 month lpn-rn program sienna college of health. Did you ever get any additional information on the achool?

    1. Nurse.Kelsey

      Nurse.Kelsey, RN

      If you saw my messages about that you would have seen I am NOT an advocate for weird schools that promise a RN education in 6 months. Dont look for shortcuts with your RN education.

      Please look into local community colleges which will be cheaper, and a much better option.  Look at the nclex pass rates, accreditation, and actually check out the threads here on the schools you are interested in.

    2. rosebud44
  7. rosebud44

    ICHS 2-11 Cohort

    Hey can I have your email. I’m planning on starting in February just wanted some more info
  8. rosebud44

    International College of Health Sciences

    Yay so cool I’m from CT I’ll giv my email. I’m gonna start my prerequisites soon I’m Almost done with my lpn program and planning on starting my prerequisites soon... n no she didn’t say much about testing out she says it’s basic fundamental knowledge. Kaydian_rose@yahoo.com
  9. rosebud44

    International College of Health Sciences

    I Any updates on the school test out? Or any information that would be helpful. Planning on starting in February.
  10. rosebud44

    International College of Health Sciences

    Hi first ever post but I am planning on starting in February which is when she told me classes start for 2020. So I obtained some information from the school that I will love to share also looking for someone to start with. so I am graduating from my lpn program in on month, in November 2019. I plan on taking my nclex in December. My advisor told me that I can use StraighterLine.com and take all my prerequisites.(I have none because my schools credits don’t transfer)I hope I can get it done before the beginning on January. Which will bring me down to 15 months then she said I might be able to test out which depending on how I score It will be 8-12 months. She says they do not have a block all clinicals must be done before you move on which is every 15 weeks between 10-13 days a semester(Depending how I test I will kno how clinicals will be set up). The financial part of it... she says I have 2 options. Option1. Pay $5000 down payment and $2,000 a month for 13 months. Option2 $2,500 down payment $2,200 a month for 13 months. And like I said once I test out everything kind of changes so these numbers are if I do the 15 months. Testing is open in January so I’m excited to see wat that’s about.
  11. rosebud44

    starting prequites

    hello, i have always spent hours on this website, but this is my first post. well i am 7 months pregnant and i have just enrolled in a online english course at Manchester community college in east hartford Ct. i decided to take it online for 2 reasons. 1. i am going to give birth soon and didn't want to deal with missing classes due to sickness, labor, ect. 2. i took this class before 5 years ago. i am trying to get accepted to the local community adn nursing program. i am so nervous because i am not that smart BUT i have been a CNA for 7 years and i love everything about helping people and finding problem solving methods. only problem is that doesn't do anything for science classes smh. I am trying to take my English class now and then for the first summer course i want to take my ap1 then second half i would take my chemistry and then in the fall i would take ap2 and then do early admission to the program i am afraid but i am gonna swallow that and keep going. should i wait to do all my classes before i apply or should i apply for early admission? i would take my TEAS after my chemistry class.

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