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  1. by   Halfacre
    Hello all,
    My name is Lisa. I've been an RN since 1984. I am currently working on my BSN but plan to teach after receiving my Masters. I could use a little help with research and would appreciate any replies.
    I need to learn more about the role I eventually plan to assume.
    1. Can anyone give me a website or journal to search for up to date stats on potential growth in the field and potential earnings?
    2. Would you care to share the pros and cons of your work?
    3. What are your responsibilties?
    4. Anything you would like share?
    Thanks to you all in advance.
  2. by   Lyssi
    Hi, I am a new nurse educator and I am finding it a rewarding profession.
    I began my nursing career 20 years ago after completing a 3 year diploma program. I started working in a pediatric departement with cross-training into NICU, ICU and ER. I then moved on to home health nursing in a rural area. I completed my BSN, pediatric certification, nursing management certificate and school nursing certificate while employed full-time in home health and decided to move on to teaching. I am currently working as a full-time instructor in both theory and clinical areas while working on my MSN. I really enjoy teaching and I find it very rewarding when a student comes into my office and states "you really helped me to understand that". I plan to graduate from my MSN program in 2 years and then would like to puruse a Phd.
  3. by   njy11801
    I am a part-time clinical instructor in an ADN program. I have taught in gerontology and med-surg courses and currently have clinicals on a busy cardiac/telemetry unit. My challenges have been coming up with good post-conference topics to keep my students awake/interested :-) Usually they are all so exhausted after an 8 hour clinical day. They are graduating in a month and I am looking for ideas to help prepare them for the "real world."
  4. by   pedseducator
    What MS program are you taking?
  5. by   pedseducator
    To the educator wanting some advice about post conference agendas. I find that the students really enjoy senarios. There are good case study books out there and the students like being challenged. I try and make it fun as well as educational.
  6. by   pickledpepperRN
    I'm not an instructor (ACLS only).
    Please let me thank you all for your wonderful work.
    I do get to precept those students willing to do nights. I learn so much from students.
  7. by   nlh0358
    Hello everyone.
    I taught in an ADN program for 10 years and now I'm the Assistant Program Admin in the last diploma school in the state. I also teach 2 classes.

    I think it is an interesting time to be a nurse educator---unfortunately it also meets the definition of the Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times!" There's so many challenges out there but we always seem to have just few enough resources not to be able to convert them to opportunities.

    But this looks like a good place to share ideas and success stories so WRITE ON !
  8. by   hoopie
    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if anyone still visits it. I am about to graduate with my MSNed and had a few questions.
  9. by   sirI
    hello, hoopie and welcome to and the nurse educator forum

    so good to have you with us.

    this thread is always current. pose your questions here or better yet, start your own thread in this forum and state your questions/remarks.

    congratulations on your up and coming graduation.

    enjoy the site.
  10. by   HSRN
    [quote=hoopie]I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if anyone still visits it. I am about to graduate with my MSNed and had a few questions.[/quote

    I am a new grad from last Fall semester and a new adjunct faculty in a college of nursing. You may ask me any question and I will try my best.
  11. by   mommabear2
    Hello I have been adjunct faculty for almost 3 years at a local University. I finished my MSN last October to teach. I have been the Nursing Education Lab coordinator for the last 2 quarters and love it and hope they post the postion soon so I can apply and hopefully get the position full time. I love the one on one you get with students in that learning environment.
  12. by   FutureTeacherLisa
    I have just started (one semester in) on the journey to my MSN and a new career teaching nursing. I plan to graduate in May 2008. I have been a nurse for 19 years: fifteen in a variety of positions all relating to neurology and neurosurgery nursing, and the last 4 1/2 in the emergency department. I have never done anything I loved more than patient care... until I started to teach (life support classes, critical care classes, student nurses in their preceptorships and, of course, new nurses on orientation). I decided that at age 42 I needed to start thinking about a job I could do that wouldn't involve running the halls all day, starting IVs on my hands and knees and so on... Thus my decision to go back to school and try to become a nursing school instructor! I am currently in an RN to MSN program.
    I have lots of questions/worries/concerns and was happy to find this forum! I wonder if I will find a job as an instructor with "just a master's degree" (so many instructors at my school are PhDs and it seems that may be what it takes to get a position with job security???)... I wonder, if I find a job, will I be able to live on the salary (my impression is that I am likely to take a pay cut from my current staff nurse salary)... and then I wonder how will I ever learn to be a good teacher and not have the students falling asleep in class or hating me! And those are just my wonderings for today. I've got lots more on other days.
    So, anyway, I look forward to watching this forum for subjects pertaining to my worries and to exchanging ideas with others who are ahead of me on this journey!
  13. by   VickyRN
    Welcome to AllNurses and to the Nursing Educators Forum, FutureTeacherLisa It is my understanding that there are abundant nursing faculty positions available in the triangle (NC) area for MSN's (especially in the community college setting, ADN level). With the new education requirements set forth by the NCBON, educators with an MSN will be greatly in demand. And, it is always a good idea to follow your heart and your passion - if you have a passion for teaching, it will show. The road may be bumpy with lots of potholes, but if you persevere, you will become that teacher of excellence. It has been my experience that most students are a pleasure to teach, but there will always be the few who are very negative or "blame the instructor" for their shortcomings or failure to progress. This comes with the territory. It is a tremendous privilege and responsibility to mentor the next generation of nurses, and we need dedicated professionals such as yourself. And yes, there will be a paycut, but with the critical nursing faculty shortage, the payscale is rising. Hope this helps to answer your questions and again, welcome