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can anyone suggest a good Nursing diagnosis for: Post-op Abdominal surgery.

Any suggestions are greatly apperciated


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What kind of surgery? Here's couple of the top of my head- knowledge deficit with dumping syndrome, risk for constipation, N&V with paralytic ileus.



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Hmm, that's a pretty broad topic - how about potential for fluid volume deficit, impaired skin integrity, potential for infection, altered bowel elimination, potential for ineffective airway clearance ... ? Hope this helps a little.

Pain is a great dx


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Originally posted by happystudent

Pain is a great dx

good call.


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pain and impaired tissue integrity are good starts


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Pain and risk for infection..


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Ditto what Pamela said...Pain and risk for infection are the two that I thought of right away.



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I think first you have to assess the patient and base your diagnoses on what you observe, what the patient tells you, and other assessment and diagnostic info provided by other healthcare team members like the doctor. Once this is done you can come up with your nursing diagnoses.

Some are obvious like risk of infection, but pain, for example, would have to be based on assessment, the patient may not be experiencing pain but they probably are.

Not many absolutes in this world but one is base your nursing diagnoses on your assessment everytime.


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Pain and infection are good. Is your pt turn/cough and deep breath? Is he using the incentive spirometer? Inefective breathing pattern r/t surgical pain might also fly.


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I just submitted a care plan for the exact same thing - primary diagnosis was pain related to surgical incision and teacher said I was right on.

Always think Maslow - basic physiological needs come first.

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