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nursing career

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Hi everyone! I need some suggestions. I graduated nursing back in 2011, i had my license 2012 since i took december 2011 nle. I didn't chose nursing from the very beginning, but I did what I can to finish the course because I don't want to waste my parents money and i don't like to be left behind by my batchmates (petty reason, i know).. Well i graduated with good enough grades, I passed the nle in just one take. Im a license holder now for 2 years but I haven't made any great steps in my nursing career.

My first work was not in line with nursing which lasted for 5 months only, then I had an offer as a PDN, i took it and i just had my one year with my patient last month. I'm not really into PDN, i just took it because the offer is good, I only have to visit my patient 3x per week, accompany her in doctor's appoinments, and basic nursing duties; vital signs,cbg monitoring, giving medications and documentation. My patient is very independent, they just needed someone to monitor her and prepare the medications for her.

I'm thinking that I stayed too long in my job. Now, I think I lost my knowledge in nursing all in all. Im uncomfortable in applying in a hospital because I have wasted my 2 years in nothing. Im feeling inferior now, I dont know if i can survive a nursing interview without shaming my self. I am thinking of applying for a job outside nursing because I needed the money, but i also don't want my 4 years in nursing go to waste.

a friend of mine asked me to apply abroad and fake our coe because she know someone in saudi who also faked his coe and is now an icu nurse. But im feeling uncomfortable too?

any suggestions?

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Faking is not a good word to use here as that is definitely a no no. Faking once doesn't give a good impression on what you are like as a professional and if you do this now what are you going to fake in the future


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I guess the post is truly about "faking it till you make it"

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Don't do it unless you would like the experience of being charged with fraud. While the US or maybe Canada would revoke your license and set you up for deportation without chance of return, I'm not sure the Middle Eastern countries would take such a simple punishment to bring defrauded.

Listen to your conscious.


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Hey there!

Its a very wrong move to fake your documents.

The middle east are becoming alert these days. Just a month a go someone called our chief nurse from riyadh to verify the nursing experience and it turned out the 5 of the certifications were fake. We never knew what happened to those nurses. So please refrain from faking your documents.

It's never too late to start a career in a hospital setting. All it takes are patience and prayers.


Hi there! We have the same sentiments. Only mine's a whole lot worse. Been an RN since 2011 and from then on I haven't had a decent career on any field. Heck, I haven't been on any job longer than 5mos. I jumped from one industry to another although all of then medical related. I'm always quitting when I felt like my nursing license and all those hard years to complete the nursing course in college are all going to waste.

But because of my determination to pursue nursing work, early this year I had the chance to practice in a hospital setting but only as a volunteer. After about 4mos we were terminated because the doh started to punish hospitals with volunteers who are not given allowances. It sucks specially because I've sacrificed so much and gave everything to service the hospital and its patients.

Now I'm lost. 3 yrs out of college and nothing's going right with my professional career. I don't know if I should still pursue nursing. It just sucks to be a nurse in PH right now. :c


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Hi there random nurse

I'm very sorry to hear that. But truth to be told being a nurse is a gruesome experience here in the philippines. I have been a volunteer and trainee for 3 years. Yes I have waited that long to be in my current status. I graduated 2009 and had my license the same year. I even graduated from one of the top nursing schools in the philippines.

Every time I go to duty during those days i'd always be optimistic and think that money spent on training/volunteer will be my investment because I really wanted to become a nurse.

Money wise - i did part time jobs like being an encoder, tutoring mathematics and grab other opportunities that I can to have an income.

Now I have recently resigned as a senior staff nurse from my previous hospital to start in another hospital :)

Be optimistic, rather than being miserable take everything in and enjoy. The most important part is learning in the process :)


Try other branches of nursing s/a

Clinic nurse

Research nurse

Clinical trial nurse

Nurse phlebotomist

Search for others hospital isnt the only set up for nurses :))

I hope my story would inspire you.

And please dont fake your documents :p


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