Was I right to resign???

  1. I am an LPN on 11-7 shift in LTC. We have been very short staffed lately, so I left my position on 7-3 and went to help out with the 11-7. I had planned on returning to 7-3 once the night shift was filled, but it just isn't working. We hired 2 new LPN's, and the day nurses have already "run them off". The first new 11-7 nurse was berated by one of the day nurses, and she left. The next one, after orienting 2 nights, was told he had to work the back station by HIMSELF (over 35 residents....and a temporary license??) and he wouldn't do it, so he quit. Back to just me and one other, who calls in practically every night. She's literally called in for the last 4 nights, including this weekend. "Her nerves are bad".
    Our facility has 136 beds, with a census of 85 right now. Our facility is divided into 2 nursing stations with 3 halls each. If you are at the front, you can't see the back, and vice-versa. I have been made to work the entire building alone for short periods of time, because they will have the 3-11 lpn stay over until 3am. Then I have to come up and count with her so she can leave. Then I'm alone with 4 or 5 cna's for 85 residents until the next nurse comes in around 6 am...then I have to go back up front and count with her. My DON has informed me that according to the state (Arkansas) they only have to have 1 LPN on the night shift, and I shouldn't complain. Hello?!?!?!?! This is my license we're talking about! I am totally NOT comfortable being put in this position and have told them repeatedly, but they still make me work by myself. I can't just leave, because I don't want to abandon my residents, so I put in my 2 weeks notice. Can anyone show me in BOLD PRINT where the staffing LAWS are for the state of Arkansas, so I can print them out and show them to the other nurses where I work? Every place I find says something different....and it's nothing close to what our DON is saying!:angryfire Please help me prove I'm right - I mean, what would I do if 2 residents coded? And I'm the only LPN?!?!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Well, I'll bite on this one - yes, I think when you begin to be consistently concerned about giving poor care, its time to look elsewhere.
  4. by   dwainlou
    bless your heart. run do not walk to the nearest exit. I have been told in Tx that the nursing homes can staff as they please to get the care provided ??? Call the 800 # where you report them for abuse or neglect. Part of the problem seems to be the staff, they have ran off four nurses. I would make it five. Please tell me your general area.
  5. by   RNPATL
    here is the saddest part of your story ..... your director of nursing, who is a registered nurse, would even think of asking you to work alone for any amount of time, caring for 85 patients is totally unthinkable! forget the regulations .... what the heck is the standard of care for your area ..... do other nursing homes place one nurse in charge of overseeing the care for 85 patients? probably not. and, if this is allowable under your states nursing home staffing law, then it is time for the people in this state to take a stand and demand that the laws be changed! how horrible. i agree with the previous poster .... do not walk ... run like hell!!!!!
  6. by   anndoodle
    I am in Northeast Arkansas. I have read the policy for Arkansas at the NCCNHR site - and it says that it's 1 lpn to 35 residents at night. But everyone here says that's not right. I'd just like to find it somewhere so I can print it out and take it to work and show everyone what is supposed to be RIGHT. Specifically for the state of Arkansas. Where can I look up the standards of care??

    Also, as I consider myself a professional, I gave my official 2 weeks notice and am planning on working those nights. However, I just know they will continue to palce me where I will be by myself again. And that infuriates me!
  7. by   weetziebat
    Quote from anndoodle
    Also, as I consider myself a professional, I gave my official 2 weeks notice and am planning on working those nights. However, I just know they will continue to palce me where I will be by myself again. And that infuriates me!
    Sounds like you could call in during these two weeks, no? After all, I'm sure you are having a case of "bad nerves" as well.
  8. by   lorajane
    I am in very similar conditions in the D/FW area...I've given my two weeks' notice as well...RUN, GIRL, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:angryfire
  9. by   Maggie in NC
    I'd say your "nerves are shot" and you need a few nights off before leaving
  10. by   Town & Country
    This is the reason I will NEVER work LTC again!

    It's so sad, because those dear elderly people need GOOD CARE. But the "people" (?) who OWN these warehouses have their eye on the $$$$$ they can make.

    I hope there's a special place in hell for people who are responsible for this!

    There needs to be a NATIONWIDE, SWEEPING staffing mandate regarding nursing homes!!! :angryfire

    P.S. There are SOME good ones - but few and FAR between!