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  1. by   BostonFNP
    I would be prepared to see patients or at least participate in visits while shadowing. Should be similar to your preceptorship placements.
  2. by   CrunchRN
    Quote from netglow
    Sounds like just why an MD would want an NP. You are to become an integral part of his practice. Now with two providers it is assumed that more patients would be seen and should be assumed that changes will take place, such as extended hours. Sure he might want to see how you seem around patients. He's hiring an NP to bring in business not scare it away. Remember, he's probably got someone else in the wings too for the position, so you need to show him you are the right person for the job. This is a big economic decision for him. Soon you will need to be as much part of the income of this practice as he is, or, he'd not be hiring an NP. He did say he wanted some time for his family. Other hours are part of the job of an independent provider, I am sure you will share call.

    Just remember, that for most professional people life fits around work. Not too many have the luxury of fitting work around life, at least until you are well established and have found some niche or other source of income. He's gonna feel that he's spent years building the practice, now in hiring you, you're gonna have to put in some elbow grease to help it grow.
    Great advice. If things work out down the road you can re-negotiate the hours, but for the 1st year I would be prepared to suck it up until I have proven my value.
  3. by   chrisrn24
    Extended hours because you'll be there to cover it.
  4. by   Nicody
    Well, I was going to say that I think it's a good idea to get some experience at the bedside prior to pursuing an advanced practice position; however, I see that it's a moot point. Congratulations on your potential job.
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  5. by   chrisrn24
    OP you got any news?
  6. by   PinkPinkster
    Hello Everybody,

    I figured that I would provide a brief update regarding my employment since I have not really utilized my account since starting my first day at work.
    Things have gone relatively smoothly and I for the most part have settled in to my dual role as a Provider as well as the Practice Manager. My anxiety has not been as big of a hinderance as I previously had feared and aside from a couple of "moments" where I had to consciously "check" myself, everything has been peachy with no major "events". I admit the first two weeks on the job I had a difficult time transitioning into the provider role and I utilize our physician's immense knowledge routinely for guidance, but overall I feel I become a better provider everyday with each new patient encounter. I am sincere when I say that I look forward to my continued growth and for the first time am excited for what is to come in my nursing career.

    With that said, the only issues which have arisen has been with our physician's wife. We started out relatively close but now our relationship is strained. She seems to have more of an active role in the practice than what I had imagined despite her not even being an employee. Although it is in my job description to essentially handle all aspects of personnel management, she seems to feel it is her role to be involved as well. She does this in a rather unprofessional manner and I have since had to speak one on one with our physician as I believed her behavior was unacceptable and was inhibiting me from performing my job properly and efficiently. He spoke with his wife which for the most part stopped her...brusque behavior towards the staff...but now has placed a target on me. She went so far as telling one of the Medical Assistants who worked for our practice she was being terminated which was effective immediately. I found her crying in the parking lot and I had to take her back into the office and tell her to resume her work as I was the Practice Manager and as far as I was concerned she had did nothing worth reprimanding let alone to be terminated.

    So essentially me and this women go back and forth daily. I find that she spends more time at this practice than at her own place of employment. But I am remaining positive and focusing on my patients and providing quality patient care. My extensive background in personnel management and office administration has really aided me in remaining calm and collective while dealing with her but I am afraid that at any moment her bias towards me may rub off on the physician which may complicate things. Im grateful for his objectiveness throughout this. If anyone would like to provide me with advice regarding this situation it would be appreciated.

    Again thanks to all who initially provided me with encouragement and advice.