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Ok everybody, whats your opinion? Is it ok for a woman to wear a dressy pantsuit for an interview? My best friend says no, but she is also always overdressed and looks like she is going to a prom... Read More

  1. by   traumaRUs
    I am applying for APN positions and have received offers from each position I have applied for so far. I have several very professional pant suits and I always get compliments - they are bright colors too: blues, green, gray. I do own a few dresses but don't wear them hardly ever.

    My son's wedding is in November and I am wearing a dress then - its even formal!
  2. by   oblove23
    i think pants suits make u look more impressive as a woman it think i gives u a sence of inpowerment .i guest u look smart go girl
  3. by   tonet0908
    I feel more comfortable in pants than in skirts and dresses. I have been wearing black pants suits to interviews since I started working and I have never been denied a job because of my pants. Also, I think as long as you are dressed professional and you act and present your self professionally, then you shouldn't have a problem getting the job especially if you are qualified and experienced. Good luck.
  4. by   HHW2006
    Pants are fine. If you find a suit that fits well and that you are comfortable in you can be just as professional looking as if you were wearing a skirt.
  5. by   truern
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    I got hired wearing pants.
    Hopefully you were wearing just a little bit more than pants
  6. by   veegeern
    A relative of mine (RN) used to interview and hire RNs for staff positions in a large hospital in TX. She didn't care so much about the clothing as much as she did about things like too much makeup, large and/or numerous pieces of jewelry, open toed shoes, long and/or artificial nails, and an overall professional appearance. Or at least, that's what she told me...She recently (successfully) interviewed for a directors position wearing a pant suit.
  7. by   indigo girl
    If you are going for a staff nurse position, slacks and blouse are fine. Previous posts mention grooming. You want to look professional. If going for an administrative or managerial position, I would kick it up a notch. I read books on wardrobe as a hobby and actually trained in this (call me crazy, I can't even help being interested in this stuff). Blazers or jackets are an authority or power symbol. Wearing one signals that you are a serious player
    for a serious job. Hey, it's all about human beings impressing one another.
    Sometimes it will matter, sometimes it won't. It depends on the interviewer.
    In an ideal world, it would just depend on your qualifications, wouldn't it?
    What planet would that be? Good luck.
  8. by   wonka
    Absolutely rule of thumb is that your clothing should be professional and subtle. It shouldn't compete with you for attention during the interview!