New job- to quit or not?

  1. in need of opinions.

    i relocated recently and started a position in a local well respected hospital.

    same specialty of nursing that I've always done, just different obviously as it's a new shift & facility.

    My co workers are not very friendly and I dread going in each shift.

    overnight shift sucks as it is, it's 1000x worse without decent company or help.

    I have two interviews for day shift at other nearby hospitals in the next two weeks.

    due to the way the schedule was made & personal conflicts, I am going to be going 24 hours without sleep for a couple of shifts this week.

    Additionally I am being put through hell every shift i go in. I am still technically orientating to the hospital but I am working the floor with a preceptor & I almost feel like I am being hazed being the new person.

    Of course everything takes me slightly longer to do, I am new and do not know exactly where to find what I need on the floor or in the EMR. I don't understand the heavy accent of the doctor on call or know the first names when he refers a consult, or the little things that makes life easier once you're seasoned at a facility. Instead of helping it's an eye roll and "you better get used to it."

    anyway, I am contemplating not going back because it is so bad and just going on my interviews for the new jobs on day shift.

    i am confident I will be hired at one because I interviewed at their sister hospital and had my foot in the door but declined for my current position due to more pay and closer to home.
    Now they have an opening on day shift 10 mins from my house so I am going back to interview with a director of nursing then scheduled to go directly to HR after interview.

    so my question is-

    would you all go back for a week of hell or just say screw it & quit?

    either way I'm sure I won't be on good standing because I am leaving so soon after hire... I am still technically on orientation.

    i just can tell the overnight shift isn't for me especially with the lack of team players & decent co workers.
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  4. by   caliotter3
    I would not quit until I had a written offer in hand.
  5. by   ViviRN
    Two types of stress-

    Stress of not having a gaurenteed income & stress of not sleeping & caring for patients while being tortured by preceptors.

    I'm just dreading this week of no sleep and what it brings from my co workers.

    Trying not to let it get to me & effect my income / career but it really is troubling me.
  6. by   Been there,done that
    You are still in orientation. It's a discovery period, feel free to tell them it's not working out. I would also leave it off my resume. ( been there, did that)

    Best wishes.
  7. by   Hoozdo
    It depends on how much money you have saved. If you can afford a couple of weeks or month with no pay then just quit. Why torture yourself?
  8. by   beekee
    Sister hospital? Don't get yourself marked as "do not hire."
  9. by   ViviRN
    I made sure I had a couple of months income saved before I moved Incase I didn't get a job right away.

    Ended up having 3 offers within a week and starting working within 10 days of move so I am ok. I was really worried about the job market which is why I pursued employment very hard when I moved and started working right away.

    The hospital is a really good network to be in, it's one of the best in my area. I was happy to get in but this shift and the co workers are killing me.

    If they were just a little bit nicer, it wouldn't be an issue. I'd suck it up and deal with it for 6 months and then transfer. But they are the worst. Very clicky and obviously don't like new people.

    My kids start school next week and instead of getting them ready with their sleep patterns and spending time with them, I am working the next 3 nights straight and taking job required classes during the day leaving me with no sleep and trying to squeeze their school orientation into the 4 hours I have between getting off work and going back in for the classes.

    Basically I am torturing myself because it's a good company to work for (despite my specific unit & shift being bad) and because I have this fear of "what if no one else hires me" ... even though I had the other job offers when I moved and have the two interviews already.

    One hospital just called me two weeks ago & left me a voicemail message upping the sign on bonus and upping the pay staying "we know you accepted at another hospital but just wondering how that's going and if you'd come on board here for x pay rate and y sign on bonus. Call us back"

    Kicking myself for not calling them but I kept telling myself "it's going to be uncomfortable while you get used to the new job and people, you don't grow unless you are uncomfortable"

    Haha but some nurses are just plain mean... learning that the hard way!!

    Guess I've been lucky so far to only work with lovely nurses in my career until now.
  10. by   ViviRN
    I am worried about that... "do not hire"
    The company I am working for now is huge. There is 5 hospitals in network.
    I planned on transferring to another one in 6 months but it's getting more & more difficult to deal with. I don't think I can make it 6 months.

    I basically have had to talk myself out of walking out on my last three overnight shifts.

    I cry before work and talk myself into going.

    And then I get there and try to have a good outlook and attitude. Get treated poorly and then talk myself out of walking out.

    I guess it's a good thing I am so busy with patients because I am almost too busy to even walk out and by the time I actually get to take any sort of break it's 4am and I'm like "ok just hang in there for 3 more hours and this shift will be over and you can think about it some more tomorrow".

    Even though I am orientating I am working the floor & my preceptor is just checking my work behind me on the computer and nearby in case of an emergency I guess.
  11. by   ViviRN
    I just realized how crazy that is.
    I am on 12 hour nights and I don't get a break until 9 hours into my shift.
    On orientation.
    There is physically another nurse there and responsible for the assignment with me.
    Yet I am unable to take a break of any sort until 4am. And two shifts ago I got no break at all because it got busier and so I didn't get to step away or off the floor at all "better get used to it".
    I am used to not being able to take a break or even pee because as a nurse that's the way it goes sometimes. But on orientation ?
    The one time you should be able to take a break.
  12. by   caliotter3
    Five hospitals in the network? I, too, would worry about the black mark. Since you don't see yourself lasting the six months, give proper notice and pray they release you immediately. However, be prepared to be persona non grata in that network anyway. It could happen in spite of proper notice.
  13. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    I would not just quit and leave them hanging, as that with most definitely burn bridges. You may need a reference, or you may want to work at another hospital owned by this company, if it is a company that owns it, and you won't get hired because of this.

    Never ever burn bridges, no matter how much you hate the place. Also don't talk negatively about previous or current employers during the interview process, that looks bad and you won't get hired!

  14. by   DowntheRiver
    I would give notice. Since you're on orientation, they'll probably tell you to just not come in since you're of no use to them anyways. That way you have a clean conscience and can report on any further applications that you have given notice.
  15. by   ViviRN
    I guess I'm just pushed to the edge with stress level. Relocating is stressful in and of itself so add to it adjusting to a night shift and new negative work culture is breaking me down. I think being awake all night is affecting my hormones and making it harder to handle. I'm just like why am I doing this to myself? I don't know if I can handle another week or two. I am debating giving notice this weekend before I have my next job lined up although I'm sure they will say don't bother because like you all said, I am still technically orientating. Which I see as a relief because this week is going to be terrible if I work without any sleep in both my home & work life. I'm afraid going 24 hours without sleep. I had to do it for a mandatory class last week and I was falling asleep sitting upright in class, don't remember the drive home, and I was falling asleep sitting upright watching my kids when I needed to be attentive, 2 days AFTER I had worked. I can't shake the exhaustion & mind fog.