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  1. by   Umberlee
    I am NOT an adrenaline junkie, so the jobs I've chosen to pursue have been pretty low - stress. I've done case - management, group home nursing for developmentally delayed individuals, and am currently doing psych. Psych is kinda feast or famine...when it's easy, it's very nice and low-stress and fulfilling. I love being able to talk to and develop a rapport with my patients. But when things get crazy, well, things literally get crazy...so that can be stressful obviously. I'm still waiting for that feeling of 100% confidence in what I'm doing to kick in.
  2. by   CWONgal
    The great thing about nursing is that there are so many areas where we can work. As has been mentioned previously it is all relative...I hated doing a job where it was the same thing day in and day out without any variation. Monotony is stressful to me. Now ER nursing was a different type of stress, adrenaline filled but then you are lucky if you get to eat/pee, etc. . Keep trying to find your niche and talk to people where you work. I have finally found what completes me...being a CWON.
  3. by   j0yegan
  4. by   SoldierNurse22
    Quote from j0yegan
    A great example of perspective. This poster apparently enjoys mother/baby. To me, the idea of tending to 3-4 hormonal postpartum women is the polar opposite of a stress-free work environment.
  5. by   ausrnurse
    Radiology! My favourite ever nursing job, I keep wondering why I haven't made my way back there..
  6. by   anon456
    I know someone who worked in a clinic giving testosterone and HCG shots all day, and taking vitals to monitor weight loss and overall health. She said it was boring and would have not been stressful at all except the manager was crazy.

    Someone else I know works for a government program for preemies and NICU graduates. She goes to their homes and evaluates their developmental milestones and current medical needs, and makes recommendations for OT/PT evaluations and other services they might be able to use.

    I did pediatric home health for a short while. I had one delightful patient and a lovely family. It was only part time to relieve their full time nurse. I think if you found the right family/patient this could be a great job.
  7. by   Oedgar
    Clinic nursing is definitely less stressful. However, my current job is pretty stressful for a clinic. I am in OB/Gyn and the place is so busy I often don't have two minutes to make needed phone calls, schedule tests, etc. My coworkers are also often pulling their hair out. the phone yesterday was just nuts!
  8. by   117800
    I don't like stress either - my least stressful jobs have been Home Health and School Nursing.
  9. by   FlyingScot
    [QUOTE=newrnltc;7731638]I feel clinic/office nursing is less stressful. The acuity use much lower, you deal with pts one at a time, doc is usually around so no need to page and wait...and wait while pt/family member is yelling. You can learn alot working one on one with your doc. Hours are nice. You may work weekends but will likely have holidays off. No bed pans. In a small practice you are more able to implement changes and discontinue protocols that are redundant/not working. You can spend more time teaching and building therapeutic relationships. The only downside for me was that after 2 yrs I started missing the insanity and went back. I am a younger nurse so I felt I needed more exposure but I am still keeping my clinic position per diem because it really is a nice niche.QUOTE]

    While I respect the fact that this was your experience not all clinic nursing is low acuity, low-stress. It completely depends on the clinic.
  10. by   joshsc
    It's unfortunate that we really only heard from a few types of nurses here- medsurg/MD office/mother baby.. It'd be interesting to hear from those in OR, Ambulatory surgery etc.. I know as a new nurse, i'm feeling under water.
  11. by   DeLynn
    I've only done Med/Surg and O.R. The O.R. is a lot less stressful than Med/Surg. You only have one patient at a time in the O.R compared to 5-7 in Med/Surg. However, the Surgeons are the ones creating the stress! They want perfection and most will let you know if you're falling below perfection. I've been in the O.R. for eight years and I'm starting to look at other areas of Nursing. I recently had an interview at a Medi Spa. If I do find another avenue of nursing I enjoy I will probably keep the O.R. as PRN just because the experience is invaluable.
  12. by   forgivenfaith119
    I do in home case management. Least stressful job I have ever had. No direct nursing care. You get to know your patient and have time to teach and educate about ways to improve their health.
  13. by   LaneyB
    Public health nursing, pediatric GI office are not particularly stressful, although they have their moments. Peds onc/BMT was usually very stressful. GI lab (endoscopy/colonoscopy) was busy but not usually stressful.