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I've been a nurse for a few years now < than 5. At first I loved it. I was so eager to learn still am. I told myself I will never become the task oriented nurse and here I am just trying to get the... Read More

  1. by   pale_pilsen
    Med Surg bedside nursing will suck a life out of you until you're completely physical, emotional, and mentally drained out. We call it BEYOND CRAZINESS at work.
  2. by   anotherone
    Quote from bulletproofbarb

    I know what you mean about family, friends outside of healthcare not getting it! They don't understand the difficult working conditions I deal with in the hospital and make comments I should work more overtime and how lucky I am to have a secure, high paying job or they want to know why I'm not a supervisor, mgr or DON after all these years!

    I could probably work every day of the week if I wanted and money was my only motivation, but I'm just trying to make it thru the day and pay my bills. So many people make comments about how "rich" I am as a nurse and I'm definitely not rich. I say it makes a living wage that's all I don't know where they think I'm rich. LOL

    I'm not the least bit interested in magnet status and climbing the ladder for a one time miserly raise that is held over your head and threaten to take it away ever after. Give me a break! They've changed the ladder so if you stay Level II you just work and go home and I'm very happy with that. Don't want to be on committees, do research etc. but I don't care what other people think about that. They have these employee surveys and that they want engaged workers. Well nursing has made me a very disengaged worker. I put my hours in and go home, that's all I want to do. Hospital nursing sucks the life out of a person especially because the hospitals and nursing homes are all trying to squeeze profit at our expense! I heard magnet status hospitals don't mandate, the nurses just work short! Sounds great, have twice as many patients and the hospitals profit all the more by paying less staff and you wonder why your always short-staffed!

    Thanks to the person who mentioned clinic nursing as being an oasis in the desert. It is definitely something to consider for a better job and working conditions! Glad there's hope out there for some of us!
    No desire to be in a committee or such. that is shoved down out throats non stop in the quest for magnet journey!!!! ugh. don't care. i prefer to go in, do my job, go out. i dont know how some of my coworkers have the motivation or desire for the endless committees and meetings.
  3. by   mpolo

    Im only a student, but i have heard that travel nursing can be a great way to have a working holiday. It pays well also. If you are experienced, then will be in demand.
  4. by   inthesouthrn
    I've been a nurse for 18 years, part of that time was on a med/surg floor. Hospital nursing literally almost killed me mentally and physically. I don't know why I ever went back to it. I tip my hat to any nurse that can handle it well. I wish I could. Now I suffer from depression and bipolar type 2 that I think was exacerbated/or brought on by the severe stress I suffered as a floor nurse. I got out of it and now work in home health, but I feel ruined. Take my advice, if you are not happy, find something else in nursing as soon as you can, before it's too late for your mental health.
  5. by   martymoose
    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    If you hate your job, QUIT. It's nonsensical to go to work day after day when you hate the job.
    easier said than done :-(

    really, kinda a tough decision. hmm , would I rather be poor living in a cardboard box, or be sane? although i know what answer i'll be choosing soon
  6. by   msrosebud28
    OMG....I had just typed this lengthy letter but it got deleted....So, now I will say in a nut shell....NO job is worth feeling that way......polish your resume' and get back out there into the job circuit....nursing can be a beast! Sounds like it's where you are that sucks!
  7. by   nursemichelle80
    Don't give up. Get your Masters and get out of the "back breaking" aspect of nursing. You don't want to regret getting out of nursing...there are bigger better things out there for ya!
  8. by   Good Morning, Gil
    If you're dreading work so much that you're crying on the way there, it's definitely time to move on. Do some introspection first: are you crying only b/c o work? Such as, is it just situational depression (your job), and will changing your job fix everything? If that is the case, then it's an easier fix...just change your job. If you feel something more is going on, then by all means see your PCP or seek counseling. Life's too short to battle depression without treatment. (can you tell I was a psych major? lol...I'm practically an empath according to my husband lol).

    Definitely, definitely switch to another unit or a different hospital (maybe even home health or something completely different), do something you love. if you think the whole hospital sucks, then get out of that hospital, but just make sure you have another job first before you put in your notice. Definitely go back to school if that's what you want to do, but you may want to postpone school until you're not so depressed, i.e. maybe work somewhere else for a year, make sure you're happier with your life, and then pursue school (and you can work and go to school at the same time). School is stressful, so if you're already crying on the way to work, I wouldn't think you'd want to add school into the mix. Granted, starting a new job is stressful, but it's a good kind of stress if you at least like what you're doing (I can attest to this lol). Best of luck to you.....it sucks hating your job...I've been there, and I think most people have unfortunately. For now, just try to cling to anything (like...well, my patient smiled today, and I am helping people, etc) just to help your attitude until you find something better.
  9. by   dpiana
    I agree with all of you...Bedside nursing is grueling....and with resources getting tighter and tighter everything is dumped on the nurse. You're hating your job because you do not feel value in what you are doing, and there is not enough hours in your shift to deliver the care you think the patient diverse...I get it!
    But there are so many diverse opportunities in the field of nursing and u need to try them out and discover your niche. Where will you feel like you are of value where can you make a difference.

    Nursing is about problem solving..so look at that kind of problems in nursing you are good at solving, clinical, organizational (more big picture), maybe you would prefer policy development (very detail oriented), home health care (like to work alone), pharmaceutical rep, or any kind of rep in healthcare industry ( you want to travel), article writing (educational)...the field is wide open. Start with joining a local nursing organization...it is worth the membership fee to get access to nurses in all the different areas of healthcare, participate on a nursing organizational committee outside the hospital and discover the impact nurses have in community, state and national level....this can be very stimulating , but most importantly find a nursing mentor, someone you like someone that is out there making a difference in nursing.
  10. by   msrosebud28
    Yes...Definatley have another job before you resign .....take it from me....that's not a good feeling....cause I've been there and done that....but yes if you are already stressed from home life then add the stress of nursing especially, bedside nursing....and it will suck the life out of you and your genuine Spirit!= not worth it.....find your niche.....nursing is so flexible which is one of the reasons why I became one....I am resigning from my med/surg job tomorrow I got a job offer in home health with a $6 /hr raise....and yes I've heard bad things about it also, but I NEED a slower pace for my stress level and my chest pain...lol...(really not funny but it's my coping skills)....and the raise will also help my family too....keep the faith up! it will come, you have experience now....the doors should open faster...market yourself.....and always remember to put a smile on.....even if it is fake...it will still make you feel better!
  11. by   Shutupntakeurmeds
    I hear ya. I worked as a CNA all thru school. Worked fri sat sun 12's then school all week. Finally got my degree and worked in a hospital. Hated it. Finally landed a job doing wound care visits. I worked about 4-5 hrs a day and was bringing home about 4k a month. Great job but like all things it came to an end. I now do shift work home health which isn't bad but not very stimulating. I'm going back to school next year to start an engineering degree then I'm going into the oil business. New fields are opening up in that industry and it's going to BOOM here inthe states!!! I'm done with nursing as I've been at it in one form or another for almost 10 years. Good luck!
  12. by   TriciaJ
    I loved med-surg nursing but hated the way it ate my life. No breaks, constant interruptions and a snake for a nurse-manager. No time or energy to have any kind of a life outside of work. No camaraderie with coworkers; too busy trying to get caught up.

    Now I work per diem in a clinic. Pays a pittance and requires a commute but I LOVE it and thank my lucky stars to have found such a fun job. There are things I miss about med-surg but I love having my mind and body back.
  13. by   Kashia
    Reason I became a nurse : to help others. To fulfill a calling and purpose.

    Reason do not like anymore: A demand to filter everything I do through the eyes of profit, politics, personalities.

    Right now: agency nurse jumping from one dysfunctional assignment to another. I do not go to my shifts feeling this way

    but leave my shifts questioning...

    Tears fall when one is not willing to become complacent in a world increasingly demanding that we

    conform- regardless of the circumstances.

    Tears are water. Water is a powerful force. It cuts through.... creating its own path. Thats awesome!