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Hi everyone. Please respond and offer feedback on whether you are ashamed of or embarrassed about being a nurse; becoming a nurse; or considering nursing as a career. If you are ashamed or... Read More

  1. by   msw6460
    You know, I wanted to be a nurse many years ago as a child. My father, who worked as a floor manager at a hospital, said,"No you don't! Nursing is hard work, and they get treated badly." So, years went by, and finally at age 40 I graduated from nursing school and got my RN license. I'm proud to be a nurse. I pray everday before I go to work that I perform my duties with love and care. I pray that somehow, someway, I make a difference to someone's life. To provide comfort: make it hurt a little less, aleve fears, console broken hearts... it's what endears me to the profession. I hold my head up with pride when I see my children tell others, "My Mom is a nurse." They'vc never been prouder of me.

    Such a shame we focus on the negativety of the job. I realize that a few nurses have given us a bad rap for things such as eating our young and all. But I have had the honor of seeing nurses at their best. One's that believed in team work and comaradery. They were my mentors, and I strive to follow in their steps.

    I am quite proud to be a nurse.
  2. by   Q.
    Despite my constant complaining about the profession, I am proud to be a nurse.
  3. by   CEN35
    Sure I am proud to be a nurse. Do I feel like at times we are looked down upon, and snobbed off......sure. Thats probably the most irritating thing. If I had a dime everytime I heard, "oh your ONLY a nurse".

    Oh well........... have a nice day!

  4. by   PhantomRN
    I am very proud to be a nurse. Yes, nursing is stepped on by admin, but we are well respected in the community and the nation as a whole. When I tell someone I am a nurse, they sit in awe of me and tell me how they could not do what I do and "thank GOD for people like you."
  5. by   Kris10lnC
    I'm proud of myself, that I turned out to be a caring, empathetic individual. Proud that my patients/customers/residents love me like a family member.Proud that I have a great relationship with my CNAs, who I couldn't live a day without. Ashamed to be affiliated with a facility that doesn't care about important issues affecting patient care. LEFT THAT FACILITY. Still have hope. Working at a new facility, proud to care,proud to be the advocate.
  6. by   kaycee
    I am proud to be a nurse but you could say I am ashamed at how health care has evolved. Too big business, caring about those that provide care and those that need it are not priorities anymore. The bottom line is money, money and more money for HMO's and hospital bigwigs. Nurses should all be proud of what they do, those that do not respect us are the ones that should be ashamed!!
  7. by   willie2001
    Of course I'm proud to be a nurse! Most days I feel great satisfaction with my job. Because of short staffing and patient loads, I am not always happy with the working conditions. There are days when I feel overwhelmed and overworked. I feel, overall that my patients and their families have confidence in me and respect me. I appreciate it when they tell me how much they appreciate my care and concern. I also feel that the physicians respect my opinions and trust my assessments. We have a great group of docs to work with. I know we gripe and complain all the time about wages, but there are some aspects of nursing that you just can't put a price on. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't love it.
  8. by   jamistlc
    Simply stated absolutately not. that is absourb! I am a LPN and find some who do not respect the education base of my position , I blow them off as ignorant! i went to school graduated in the top ten of my class and have a GPA over 3.0, Only 1/3 of the original members of my graduateing class completed the program and I do not know how many passed the boards, but I do know I did and These are accomplishments that some try to duplicate and many are unsuccessful! Why would I be ashamed?

  9. by   jamistlc
    Originally posted by Roberto:
    <STRONG>I feel no pride in being a nurse. I look at it as a job and nothing more. When I leave to go home I leave my job behind me and do the things I like to do. I know I'm in a minority when I say this. I feel no shame in being a nurse but I don't feel as if I'm really making a difference. Yes I have saved peoples lives on some occassions but to me that is part of the job. Don't feel bad for me because I don't.</STRONG>
    OMG Roberto get a life and some self-esteem! Man you sound like you are on the frindge of burning out! Just think of those who lives are better for knowing you as their nurse and the ones you saved they counted on you and you came through for them! It is more than a job it is a calling! Heck, if it was just a job and a check I was after, there many other jobs and much easier ways to make a living.

    Peace my brother, get a grip,
  10. by   Hum'nbird
    Am I proud to be a nurse? I will shout it from the highest mountain......."I AM SO PROUD AND SO FORTUNATE THAT I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A NURSE." I also say the beauty of a nurse is reflected in her/his soul. It is the caring that he/she lovingly gives, the passion that he/she shows. The beauty of a nurse with passing years - only grows! Did I always want to be a nurse since I was a little girl? No. My calling came at the tender age of 30 AFTER I had been an executive secretary, bank teller and saleswoman for many years. I will always hold my head high with pride when anyone asks me what I do, I don't care how much money I make or what area of nursing I do. The only thing I feel shame for is how the silk hats (the administrators)use nurses as cheap labor and regard us as the bottom of the food chain. I don't think Joe public sees us that way though. But then again, I am the type of person who would be proud of whatever I did, because "I" chose to be the person "I" am. If I hold myself in the highest regard, so others will see me that way also.
  11. by   Mary Edwards-Bailey
    No I would not recommend nursing as a career for the grief the workload the verbal abuse from Dr's I would not !
    I am not ashambed to be a RN however,I am away from clinical nursing I have a wornderful life away from hsopitals, more pay and much more flexiablity
  12. by   AnaJane
    Can't help but think about the last time I walked down the hall on one floor I was working...and suddenly felt a sense of being "diminished". The respect that one used to get for being an RN is just not there anymore. The hospital politico's / CEO's, the evidence is there that they simply consider us "task-workers" whom they can blow off. e.g. Nyack, now the nurses at Brockton hosp. in Boston area. Very few people really understand how much we know and how important we are in saving the lives of those in our care. Ignore me. I've been struggling with a decision to leave nursing for good. It's a hard decision because I've always loved being a nurse and always been proud of it before. Now I'm just weary of it all. aka Scarpetta
  13. by   martie_k
    There is no shame in nursing. The shame lies with the first fool that turned a humanity service into a profit making business. It's the "just business'" attitude that has ruined nursing. People will always need us. The cold hearted, political, puffed-up greedy fools at the top leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth.