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  1. Hum'nbird

    Expected salary for new dialysis RN-with no experience

    Thanks for all the replies. What a diverse world we live in, huh? How can salaries vary so much depending on geographics, amazing! And for England, well that squashes my desire to ever go back there and work, let me tell ya. I lived there from 19...
  2. Hum'nbird

    Weirdest "Believe it or not" Stories

    Thought I would start a "most bizzare" story thread, not for the faint of heart. But then we are nurses, nothing makes us sick, huh? This is a true story as reported on CNN: A woman was working in a post office in Calif. One day she licked the env...
  3. Hum'nbird

    why do you come to this site?

    Hi Rick, newborn poster here to this site, but like it so far. Haven't had my head bashed in yet, so this is a good thing, s'ppose? This BB is kinda like a board game, the icons, the topics and sections are so diversified, and I can quit anytime I ...
  4. Hum'nbird

    Are you ashamed of being a nurse?

    Am I proud to be a nurse? I will shout it from the highest mountain......."I AM SO PROUD AND SO FORTUNATE THAT I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A NURSE." I also say the beauty of a nurse is reflected in her/his soul. It is the caring that he/she lovingl...
  5. Hum'nbird

    Expected salary for new dialysis RN-with no experience

    Thank you E-RN, I appreciate your input. I can't imagine starting out at $16.00/hr!!! This is less money than I got fresh out of nsg. school. Do you have your CNN? Are there any quirks in getting this cert?
  6. How bout, "Eat it all up, that's right, good girl."........... Or, "I know it tastes bad, just plug your nose when you swallow."........I love this one: "Just push this and I'll come when you need me.".........There are so many, what a funny post, ...
  7. Hi everybody: Am new to this site and I'm looking around. Found the joke section and couldn't be happier if I were twins. Hoping to meet some friends, laugh a whole lot, and try and figure out why I still love being a nurse. I was at another site ...
  8. Would like to know the average starting salary for a brand new dialysis RN with 6 weeks of training only, So. Calif area. I have been an RN for over 10 years with multi-area experience.