Anyone from Boston or Northeast

  1. I currently live in Florida and we are looking to relocate in May when my dh retires from the navy. My son wants to move to Boston (based on a love for the red sox) and I just want out of Hurricaine territory .I have 15 years of varied experience so if you are from Beantown tell me if you love or hate it there and why.. Thanks
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    I am from Mass. Boston is beautiful, but very expensive.... I would rather be down south.... You can't beat the North end though.
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    Are there any other areas that might not be so pricey but will have at least a level 2 L&D. It is nice down here but soooo hot and humid in the summer and way too many hurricaine. I am sick of the knotted stomach and fear that we will lose all.
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    I'm from upstate New York. Beautiful spring, summer and fall. Long, cold winter.We're actually closer to Boston than New York City for the sports fans. Lots of nursing jobs and really good hopsitals in the capital region. Salarys are not the best but have improved tremendously over the past couple of years. Cost of living is MUCH better here than in the Boston area.
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    Just saw the question about LDR's- we have 3 hospitals in the Capital region of New York who do high risk and several others who do Level 1 nursery.
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    You could consider Rhode Island.

    Women's & Infant's Hospital in Providence:
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    I did my maternity rotation at Brigham and Women's. It is an awesome place for L&D. However, it is in the city. They have reduced rate parking so it is possible to commute in with a car.
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    I grew up in the Boston area and went to school in Amherst (UMass). There are tons of great employment opportunites in Boston and I know that many of the suburban areas have Level 2 nurseries. Bear in mind that, w/ the great public transportation, if you worked in Boston you would not have to live there. If you are willing to live 20 miles away the housing gets much cheaper. In fact very few nurses that work IN Boston can afford to live there.
    In western Mass, it's dirt cheap to live (and beautiful) yet only 2hrs from Boston. There are several hospitals out there w/ level 2 nurseries as well.
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    I live just outside boston and I lived in orlando for 6 years. The one thing I can say is I love them both. They are completely opposite. The things I LOVED about FL are the things I don't like about Boston and the things I LOVE about boston I hate about FL.

    The one big downfall you hear from a lot of people is the cost of living. Yes it's more expensive as far as you don't get as much for your money with real estate but it's still a good investment. The winter is rough to get used to but it's charming and the city is wonderful. You don't get culture / theater / restaurants like this in FL.

    The pay difference in RN pay makes up for a lot.

    email me if you have any questions.
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    I live in LA now, but grew up and did my first BA in MA. I lived in the Boston area for 5 years after college.

    I worked at Mass General Hospital (non-nursing job) and am familiar with many hospitals in the area...

    I miss Boston tons (minus the snow) and miss the public transit the most! It's a great, fun city with lots to offer in my opinion. You can live in the suburbs and take the train, so that may help with housing costs, gas, etc.

    feel free to ask me any specific questions if I can help....

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    Born and breed in southie. I now live south of Boston but still in the harbour.(nantasket).My commute to Boston is not to bad , But I work nights. I had my babies at the Brigham. They have a tunnel to Children's. I think if you are a city girl you will love it. The South Shore is a nice place to live. Boston is a lot of fun.