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  1. by   lindarn
    I am not Australian, but I have immediate family there. My grandfather emigrated from Sicily to America after WWI to the NYC area (chock full of Italians). His brother tried to emigrate a few years later, but by them America had cut down on emigation from Southern Europe, where of course Italy is. After trying for a couple of years to get a Visa to emigrate to America, he decided to emigrate to Western Australia instead. He got settled, and sent for his wife and daughter a year later. They had two boys after his wife got to Australia.

    My mother corresponded ocasionnally with her cousin, who is about the same age as she was. My mother passed away two years ago, and I wrote to her cousins in Australia to let them know she has passed away.

    They, of course, have children, who have children, etc. My daughters (17 and 14) E mail their second cousins in Australia, and discuss, school, activities, BOYS, etc. My grandmother turned 100 last May, and they sent a card to my grandmother.

    Anyway, I read the Australia thread sometimes. Maybe one of these days I will be able to visit Australia, and finally see meet them in person.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington
  2. by   ~Zoe~
    HI everyone

    Though I'd pop in and say hi:wink2:

    I'm about to start (Monday) my first year of bachelor of nursing!! I can't believe I'm going to be a - I'm so excited!!!

    I am studying externally through CDU, I'm in Brissy, so have to travel to Darwin or Alice once a year for clinical teaching block. I'm so excited, yet so darn scared.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better, cheers Zoe
  3. by   bassandtea
    Hi Zoe!

    I've just made it through my first two weeks of my first year at ACU in Brissy. I'm loving it so far, even if it's been more full on than I expected - I've got 3 assignments due in this week (week 3), including one tomorrow.

    There's a few of us here starting this year, so I'm sure we can all help each other out and offer encouragement when it's needed.

  4. by   ~Zoe~
    Thanks for the welcome Ronnie

    Well I survived the first day, and managed to work through the topic fairly easily - hope it stays this way.

    WOW assignments due - arr, so glad I'm not there yet, but heck I've got 2 assignments due end of week 3, so I'd better get cracking soon.

  5. by   Jessiedog
    Quote from jax
    Well, I'll come and have a little winge. I am SO SICK OF FOOTBALL. Thank God the Aussie Rules is over and done with, only the league to go....

    Then again, when I think it's all done, there's always soccer or gridiron or something that my husband and boys manage to find.

    I know I'm a big spoil sport but sometimes enought is enough.

    winge over ----feeling better now.
    glad to see there are other sane nurses around, who don't like the footy! Working on an orthopoedic ward I got to not like foot, or motor-bikes!! Too many unfortunate associations
  6. by   xyladev
    Can I still be eligible to apply for Sydney even if I dont have a working experience? I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines.
  7. by   nyapa
    Did my training through CDU. Best of luck! Are you doing it part time or full time? What state of Australia do you hail from? I'm actually in the Territory, so it was not a concern to travel anywhere...

    Eeww, assignments! Thank goodness I no longer have to do those! BTW are you intending to do your actual practical where you live?

  8. by   Grace Oz
  9. by   all_dressed_in_white
    Hi Zoe and Ronnie,
    Im doing my BN too, but out of SCU in Lismore. Im doing my 2nd/3rd year now. Its been kinda mixed up cause im only doing 3 units a sem.
    1st year is so exciting! I really miss it, although it was a tad overwealming at first. Anyway, I'm new here too and just thought i'd introduce myself so if you ever need to talk over uni stuff, u know who i am. And I'm always up for talking about uni stuff, any form of learning that doesnt involve me slouched over a textbook is welcome in my books.
    Hope u'r enjoying it, and no doubt meeting heaps of awesome and inspiring people.
    Good luck with assignments!
  10. by   AussieTina
    Gday peoples, just wanted to share.

    I finished Uni last year and was lucky enough to score a grad position at my local hospital. I have just finished my first rotation and absolutly loved it, this is so where I wanna be, all that hard work, time and money was worth it
    I start my next rotation in a weeks time after a well earned week of rest (or housework actually LOL). I am going to Paeds and am just so darn excited about it, this is the field I want to specialise in :heartbeat

    I have an award ceremony to go to on Friday night, where I am getting the Deans Commendation award (for being a smarty pants :typing)

    And then on Saturday is my graduation, we get to dress up in the gown and hat and parade to the hall thingy to get our degrees.
    and then afterwards I think I heard the words 'going out for cocktails' mentioned

    Woohoo what a week
  11. by   Grace Oz
    CONGRATULATIONS Tina! :grad:rdnrs:

    Wishing you all the very best in the future with your nursing career.
    Enjoy your special day and the celebrations afterwards.:chrs:
  12. by   talaxandra
    Congratulations! I'm particularly happy to hear that you're enjoying your first registered experiences (and that you're a smarty pants!)
  13. by   Jessiedog
    I'm so excited for you, Tina!! All that hard work does pay off in the end. I pray you get as much out of paediatric nursing as I have done. It became my specialty two years after graduation, and I have loved every minute of it!! Ten years in paediatrics, and there is ALWAYS something new to learn! If you get a chance, I would recommend a post-graduate course in paeds, as it gives you a great grounding, as well as information on paediatric physiology, which IS different to adults which is what most training focuses on. Babies and children have certain physical differences (apart from size!!) that really affect the illnesses they develop and the treatment they recieve. I learned by working on a paediatric ward, but a course would have helped me immeasurably.

    Enjoy all the experiences in front of you, including night shift! Kiss all the babies that need it, and hug all the children you can. Remember that it is every child's right to smile and laugh several times a day, and work this into your nursing day and the rewards are endless!!!