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  1. flying star

    An RN with her own SPA BUSINESS?

    Hi @BrightRN2020. Im also an RN who’s very interested in aesthetics, derma fillers and botox and looking into having my own business. Would you know any good schools in California for botox and derma fillers?
  2. flying star

    RN starting botox business

    Hi @emilymarquez Im also interested in Botox and derma filler classes and Im also an RN. What school would you recommend here in California? Thank you!
  3. flying star

    Botox - nurse practitioner

    Hi. What is the best school for Botox and derma filler here in California? Is AAAMS good?
  4. flying star

    MS and OB deficiency in CA BRN - philippine graduate

    Hello! Im interested :) Kindly email me the schools at micahvhalili@yahoo.com please. Thank you very much! Mica
  5. flying star

    filipina nurse wishing to migrate to aus

    hi! yes you can have all those without an agency. but in my case i hired a lawyer to fix all my papers coz its gonna be really hard if you'll be doing it alone. if you have an experience here in the phils as a nurse better apply in an agency. try MAB international services. look at their website in the net. they might be able to help you. goodluck! :)
  6. flying star

    filipina nurse wishing to migrate to aus

    hi! im waiting now for a response from the college of nursing who will conduct the bridging program in sydney. i just want to know are you a nurse now in oz? did you take the same process im taking now? i actually hired a lawyer and he's taking care of my papers now in oz.. in case you're an oz nurse now pls let me know how you got your registration there and is the assessment is easy or not..thanks!
  7. flying star

    Welcome to the Forum - General Aussie Chat

    hi! im from the philippines..i hope someone can help me with my concern..i recently applied in the nurses midwifery board in nsw..i hired a lawyer to fix my papers..i got a letter of eligibility for registration to be submitted to the college of nursing just last june of this year..applications for the assessment is already closed and will be open if not this nov, probably january next year..my lawyer said im in a waiting list and if someone backs out at the college of nursing, they will give me slot..though im still 14th in the waitlist..anyway, my concern is..are all overseas qualified nurses who doesnt have work experience have to undergo that process? i mean to be assessed first by the college of nursing before they become registered nurses in australia?
  8. flying star

    Canadian RN exam info required

    hi ransome! how did u get an employer in alberta? i mean how did you apply there since u came from UK? im a phil RN but soon il be working in australia as a nurse..eventually i want to work also in canada as a nurse..anyway are you working there as an RN already or not yet? so you have to pass their board exam first just like in US that u have to pass nclex first ryt? how much does nurses earn there in alberta if i may ask?
  9. hi mctina_20! its me again flying star :) anway, so u mean in 3 months time u got ur visa already and went there to canada together with your husband ryt? you said you need to take their nursing board exam first before you can be an RN there in canada..so when will you take their exams?
  10. hi mctina_20..im actually interested also in working in canada as a nurse..im a 2nd courser and im waiting for my visa in australia to work as a nurse there also..there is a 6-week college training before i can be an australian nurse..so exams required, only ielts..i plan to work there first then eventually find work in vancouver posting edited to comply with the terms of service of this bulletin board. english only and no tagalog.
  11. flying star

    Info needed on Vancouver

    hi im actually from the phils and soon il be working in australia as a nurse..though to tell u honestly im really thinking of moving to canada after i finish training and experience in sydney..anyway, is there anyone out there who could inform me about the steps in applying to canada as a nurse? i guess its easier to go to canada from australia than from the phils..i know it'll take a awhile before i can move to canada..australia will be my stepping stone in a way..im just looking at my long-term plan here :) anyway hope anyone could help :)