Nursing Application & Letters of Reference


I'm curious if anyone has submitted a letter of reference with their nursing application and whether you thought it was helpful. I currently work for a well-known sleep lab and both the district manager (BA) and our medical director (he's a neurologist and is board-certified in sleep) have given me letters. I also thought about asking one of my professors for one.



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I Had to send in letters of recommendation, alot of schools weigh them heavily along with your essay(s)...I had my anatomy and physiology professor and my past supervisor where I interned at a free health clinic write them up for me. I guess all we can do is sit and wait...good luck!


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They are more or less required. I had my physics and graphics art teacher write one for me, talk about end of the spectrum.


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Not required at my school, it's all about when you apply.


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Thanks guys. I thought it was odd that the 2 nursing programs that I'm applying to only have very simple applications so I guess I'll send my letters in after I complete the app!


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Depends on where you apply. My college did specifically said they do not accept any letters of recommendation.


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Oh, that's good to know! I'll be sure to check before I send them.

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Definitely get one from professor because at the end of the day you are going to school so a professor would be able to shed light on that.