Facebook while on the clock?

  1. I am in my last semster and will graduate in December. During my clinical rotations, I have noticed many of the nurses, while on the clock, playing on the computer, checking their email and Facebook, booking vacations and such. I know I am naive and I am new and excited to finally be in the role of a nurse, but if there is enough time to be playing on the computer, there shouldn't be any patient complaints about the quality of care they are receiving. Is this a problem across the board or just in my neck of the woods? We all deserve a little down time, but at some point in time, someone needs to draw the line!
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Where I work you can't get access to social websites like FB but you can get online. I see it a bit on my floor but not that much.When it does happen it's when it is quiet or someone is ona break.
  4. by   hherrn
    I agree it's a problem. Those freaking call bells go off whenever I try to update my status.
    In fact right now, some guy wants his pain meds.
    Lucky for me I have a 1/2 hour window in which to give them.
  5. by   blondy2061h
    Almost all of the nurses I work with, myself included, do it occasionally. We do it when all patient care and general unit needs are attended to. Some nurses prioritize it over work. Really this is just one nurse I can think of, but 3 aids. This is when it's a problem.
  6. by   Flare
    I think there's no harm in taking a little break to think about something other than work, as long as it doesn't take priority over patient care. The problem a lot of other people don't realize is that some hospital systems have crazy tight internet security and can literally see everything your do and everywhere you go. I personally don't want my hospital to even know that i have a facebook account - so i'm very strict about not checking that at work. Sure, i've done things like check the weather report, read a news article, check allnurses, or looked up a recipe so i buy the right things for dinner on my way home, but i'm always pretty careful about what i'm looking at.
  7. by   anotherone
    it is obvious you dont completely know what patients complain about. they complain about not enough pain meds, the food , being awoken for vitals and assessments, wait times for testing , etc. when at 3 am coworkers are texting or online i do not care at all. unless bells are going off etc. that has never been a problem with a rn or lpn on my floor. actually working nights, many pts complain about being awoken to be assessed, vitals etc.
  8. by   RainMom
    Occasionally, someone will check FB on their phone, but I don't see it too often on night shift. It's usually during someone's break or during some slow time.
  9. by   DoeRN
    I don't have fb but I do check my email and other things on my lunch break. Usually I have a heavy assignment because I'm a float nurse so I barely get a chance to use the bathroom let alone check the Internet.
  10. by   hherrn
    They are similar in size and shape to what is on my 94 f150.
  11. by   Aurora77
    We can't access social media at work, but I will take a peek when I'm on break. I will look at the Internet when it's slw or I'm eating lunch. I mostly look at news sites or stuff related to my BSN program.
  12. by   BrandonLPN
    Most nurses have down time, along with a generous helping of insane-crazy time, during the shift. It's the nature of the job. I don't see the difference between browsing the Internet or reading a magazine or chatting quietly.
  13. by   blondy2061h
    It's funny because I have no problem with my boss seeing my shiny clean Facebook, but I'd really rather she not see my Allnurses posts.
  14. by   RNperdiem
    Non-work related computer stuff is something I avoid at work. I save that for after work.
    Some of the other nurses I work with do some browsing around at work. Smartphones are the usual source for Facebook since the hospital blocks the site.
    As long as nobody else needs help, the patients are cared for, and the nurse is discreet, I am fine with my coworkers looking at Facebook.
    For example, there was a nurse precepting a new nurse on his last day of orientation. This was a very experienced nurse who did not need his preceptor by his side every minute. The census was low, the pace slow and the rest of us had plenty of time to sit around.