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I am in my last semster and will graduate in December. During my clinical rotations, I have noticed many of the nurses, while on the clock, playing on the computer, checking their email and Facebook,... Read More

  1. by   Ntheboat2
    When I was working as a tech it would really drive me nuts to see nurses doing everything from shopping online to planning a wedding and looking for a house. One girl was looking for a car for a good hour and a half. They wouldn't blink when a call light was going off either. It was soo frustrating! I mentioned to my manager how the nurses would act when they were called on to help clean up a patient or you know...do their jobs..but she would defend her nurses to the death and say, "When you graduate, I want to see how you respond when you're trying to call the doctor, deal with this or that, and a tech wants to know why YOU can't get a patient a coke." I said, "it's not like that. I know the difference between a person being busy with work and a person who is on their 3rd break and eating cake, playing on their phone, etc. when I haven't even been to the bathroom yet!" I will never, ever be that nurse!
  2. by   joanna73
    Facebook is blocked at work. I will check it sometimes on my phone, but only when I'm on break. There is barely enough time most shifts to complete all the work, never mind social media. I'd rather leave on time.
  3. by   VICEDRN
    These kinds of posts make me so angry. Sure, I will play with my phone if bored but on a 12 hour shift, depending on where in the ER I am, that may be...one time.

    When you get your own patient assignment and you have the tech that disappears, the secretary that is friends with the tech that pages you for every ice chip the patient wants, the family that peeks out to ask a question every 12 minutes for hours on end, and then suddenly "catches" you scanning the hospital's newsletter for something and viciously attacks you for "not caring." PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back and report to us how you "never plan[ned] to be that nurse."
  4. by   OR-RN2011
    I have never seen a nurse checking Facebook while neglecting patients. Work for a few years and then you can judge. I am sorry but I really dislike these critical nursing student posts.
  5. by   DSkelton711
    I simply don't do it. If I ever get a free moment I go to the bathroom! I think it is tacky to be texting or FBing where families and patients can see you. If I have an emergency I step into a private area to call. I don't text unless it is work related (I have a phone from my job). I assume that whatever I do on my computer--my boss can see. I watch what I put on FB even though I only access it at home. And my name on Allnurses makes me write responsibly as well!
  6. by   Esme12
    Quote from OR-RN2011
    I have never seen a nurse checking Facebook while neglecting patients. Work for a few years and then you can judge. I am sorry but I really dislike these critical nursing student posts.
    Then you are very fortunate and work with a stellar group of nurses. I know it's hard to understand where the student is coming from.....all fresh and new, full of ambition and hope to conquer the world. To be the one to make that difference. They have yet to be tarnished by the harsh reality of what it actually means to be a nurse and just how hard it really is.......they are, at times, overwhelming...... and irritating.

    But from what I have seen as a nurse, a patient, and a family member.....I find it more annoying at the large percentage of healthcare personnel that spend a majority of their day walking down the hallway looking at a lit up screen as if hypnotized by the glow forcing them to follow it's lead.......instead of making eye contact with their fellow man to in some way make them feel they are important in the hustle and bustle of every day life in the hospital.

    As a patient when you are consumed by the machine and it is easy to feel gobbled up and alone in the abyss of paper work where you are a "hospital number please" and DOB......without even a glance up to make eye contact with ME...the patient.....as those nimble fingers fly across the sea of keys and your face is lit by glow of the computer screen. Look at me. So I think someone sees ME. I am scared, tired, in pain, frustrated, overwhelmed.....and I am looking for someone to see ME and at least make me believe they actually care.

    As I have watched a family member writhe in pain from bone cancer the hands on that clock move every so slowly so that they appear to move backwards in time....you look out the door to see the line of employees leaning up against the wall as they are yet again mesmerized by the glow of that tiny screen. You want their attention but you don't really want to bother them....but you need them so you wait for someone to look up....you want to make eye contact so you can smile and indicate can they please come here.....but they never do.

    So, you put the call light on...they are briefly distracted from the smart phone light. They look up. They roll their eyes. They look down again and finish their text...you hear them sigh as the begrudgingly place that precious lighted object into their pocket, roll their eyes and begin that painfully slow journey down the hallway to inquire "what do you need?" You tell them what you need.....as they roll their eye once again as they begin that painfully slow journey back down the hallway and retrieve the bright glowing object back out of their pocket.....to, I am sure with every confidence, return to their medical research and constant communication with the physicians.

    The public and your patients really are not that naive...they are perfectly aware what you are doing. They watch your every move for they have nothing else better to do to help pass the time. The KNOW that you are the most important person to them and getting their needs met...they depend on you to look out for them. The one they trust. So on the 5-8th time in the last hour they seen you lean against the wall or sit in some obscure corner....they see the glow of that light on your face...yet again....it's maddening!!!!!

    As a supervisor.....I know perfectly well what you are doing and how often you are doing it.....Like I tell my children.....I may have a lot of years on this earth and you might think you are smarter than I.....but I have been there done that and know better....bedsides I have eyes in the back of my head....genetic mutation from years as a nurse and the hormones from pregnancy.

    SO .........try to glance up from your medical research and communication with the MD about important things and remember to LOOK at people as you go by.......glance in the room even if you are afraid someone will wave you in to ask you to do something........it is what makes them feel human and safe that someone is actually looking after them and physically SEEING them. This need for contact is what makes us human.....and keeps us humane.
  7. by   decembergrad2011
    I don't agree that checking FB or email at work is unprofessional in and of itself. The nurse that is more concerned with her phone than her patients is a problem. But I meet my job responsibilities before everything else and do any non-patient related business in the safety of the nurses' station. I leave my half-eaten lunch to answer call lights and do the same with most activities throughout the day. If I have down time, I probably need it.
  8. by   OR-RN2011
    I do work with amazing nurses. Most healthcare professionals go above and beyond to provide quality care. Most have a serious problem and dislike for those that do not. I am sure if the student really looked she would see that. If someone is checking a text it may be to juggle family life, make sure the babysitter gets the kids or scramble to find care when the sitter texts in the middle of the shift they are sick. Life isn't so black and white. It's easy to judge when you have the safety net of a preceptor and professor. It is an entirely different ball game when it falls on your shoulders.
  9. by   mariebailey
    That is a pet peeve of mine, browsing social networking sites & shopping online at work. It lowers morale. Earn your keep, yo!
  10. by   Rose_Queen
    Facebook/texting/non-work-related cell phone use are what breaks are for. Perhaps those of you who say you do these things because you don't get a break- it's because you're doing this instead of working. My facility prohibits cell phones- they provide handheld phones that are passed from one shift to the next. Unfortunately, they don't block internet access to Facebook/Twitter/eBay, which I wish they would.
  11. by   wooh
    Quote from decembergrad2011
    I don't agree that checking FB or email at work is unprofessional in and of itself. The nurse that is more concerned with her phone than her patients is a problem.
    Yup. If they weren't on FB, do you think they'd be working? Nope, they'd find some other non-work way to kill time.

    I browse the internet, check my phone for email/texts from time to time at work. I also get my job done. And help my coworkers.
  12. by   turnforthenurse
    Social networking sites are blocked at work, but I just use my phone. I check e-mails, use social media, text, etc from time to time at work, but it doesn't impede the care I give to my patients.
  13. by   ladonnaw77
    I think it is unprofessional to be on facebook, checking emails, or playing computer games while at work. If you want to check or do those things when your are your break/lunch more power to you. But you should never use the companies computer for your personal use. When at work you should be more worried about your patients than your personal affairs/interests.