Wants to Leave Toxic Job After One Month

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I started a new job at a Children's Hospital a little over a month ago. I am realizing it's really not the area I want to be in (vascular access), I would rather work in one of the ICUs or ER, but unfortunately their policy is you have to be there a year before you can switch, and I am not sure I can tolerate this toxic environment for that long. I plan on applying for other jobs ,should I include this job on my resume, or leave it off and explain things in the interview?

    Dear in Toxic Environment,

    You don't say what is so intolerable about your job that you want to leave after one month. it's possible that if you give it more time, your perspective may change. The benefit of staying is that you establish a work history while learning new skills you can take to your next job.

    Job applications require you to list all previous jobs, so leaving it off would be falsifying a job application. Never say anything negative about a previous employer in an interview, give a short answer and segue to the positive.

    The best way to approach a short tenure in a job interview is to say "It wasn't a good fit and I'm looking forward to practicing in an organization that shares my values and goals".

    Again, consider re-considering. Once I was in a job where I was bullied. I dreaded going to work and started applying elsewhere. One day, I had had enough and called this other nurse out. I told her in no uncertain terms to knock it off.

    I never expected what happened next- we began to work well together and even socialized after work. I learned so many valuable lessons about myself and about the nature of bullies during that very difficult situation.

    Sometimes difficult situations are opportunities for growth and skill-building. Talk with someone you trust to make sure you are making the best decision for you.
    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Just to clarify the work environment has high turnover, and unfortunately there are some members who complain all day about anything and everything. The biggest thing is I was using this job to get in the door, not realizing I would have to do it for a full year before I could transfer elsewhere.
  4. by   Triddin
    Have you tried talking to those members about their attitude? I've done it (and had someone tell me) with positive results in both cases.

    Or you could ignore those workers and not take part in the conversations and just work.

    In the grand scheme, a year isnt a long time and it's possible you can precipitate change that will make the unit more pleasant. I would stick it out.
  5. by   Kallie3006
    How long do you have to be there to change your status? If you could down to part time would you be able to make the year mark? Starting a new position is stressful in itself and then throwing in a high turnover rate that's got to be awful. Is the unit implementing changes at an attempt to retain staff?
  6. by   rachel10069
    Lol. If I put every job I've had for the past 5-10 years on an application, I'd be writing for days! You don't need to list every job you've had. I never have (whether in nursing or my other careers - although nursing is the only career where I've had so many jobs because in most places, nurses are treated so badly I refuse to tolerate it so I leave). I have never had any problems getting a job. I don't work in nursing anymore unless I am desperate for money.
  7. by   Chrispy11
    I'm a new nurse myself with two months on the job. With no experience you take what you can get unless you worked in a wing as a CNA/tech and can manage to get hired in the same wing. I'm was a mature student. I explained to another poster on here that 50% of my class wanted peds, L&D, NICU or ICU and I forgot about ER. About 25% are going for their NP. Those are fields with a lot of competition. My preceptor told me he trains people and they stay just to leave in under a year. I guess I can understand his frustration because he puts in a lot of work for 12 weeks training.

    If you have every intention of leaving maybe just go and find something more to your liking. You mentioned a toxic environment but didn't specify what exactly is toxic. A lot of new grads would be really grateful to have a position in a hospital straight out of school. Where I am it's very hard to get in unless you already work there or know someone. Plus you're wasting your preceptors time.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh but I'm a realist. Your original post sounds as if you had decided and just wanted to know whether or not to list it on the resume. If you're currently looking and include a job that you've been at for a month on your resume it might be a flag to another employer. Being at a job a month and looking means you might do the same to them and you wouldn't be considered. JMO...

    Best of luck to you.
  8. by   5150rn2
    Welcome to the real world.. there is no such thing as a perfect unit. Legend has it they have existed but no one has seen it.
    You have chosen a field that is often high stress and fast paced.. and after only a month are you truly seeing the dynamic.. maybe if those core nurses have worked together for awhile it's how they deal.. nurses cope on many odd ways.. maybe they are awful, no one said you had to be friends, don't get caught up in the drama. Do your job and go home.
    If you get into the habit of dropping jobs so quickly you'll keep doing it and if you're working in a hospital system you will eventually burn that bridge. But what about this,if it is an undesirable unit and everyone knows it and you do well and are successful there.. that will be worth some extra points when you move on..if that makes any sense. And that particular skill set is a nice one to have as you go through your career.
    there are places that are just hopeless places to work and truly toxic but I don't think you can make that determination for yourself ( not based on what anyone else says) inside a month.