On Probation for Pain Med Administration

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,

    I am on a 3 year probation for not charting correctly and not following doctors' orders with regards to how often to give pain meds - I have fulfilled all my online requirements within the first month so I can concentrate on finding a job. (I need 6 months of work to fulfill probation requirements). I have been offered a job in home health hospice (still waiting for BON approval) which is fantastic - but it will pay less than half of the wage I have been earning for the past 15 years Should I take it or wait for something else that pays a little better? I could never take this job and then leave if something better came up as I would feel bad for this employer who is taking a chance on me...thank you for any advice!

    Dear On Probation,

    It can be difficult to find a job while you're on probation. Many employers do not want to take on the extra paperwork. Your main concern now needs to be landing a job over higher wages.

    Given that you failed to follow doctors' orders with regards to frequency of pain meds, it's surprising that you would be offered a job in hospice, and that the BON would approve it. If you do get the job, congrats, and be very careful.

    You will be giving pain meds working as a home health hospice nurse, which will give you opportunity to make the same mistakes that led to your probation. Follow the doctor's orders to the letter- anything else is practicing medicine. Document completely, and be diligent.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   311ltc
    I know a nurse who had restrictions placed on her license and she got a job in dialysis. Actually went back to dialysis after she was given a choice at another job after that, that she could resign or be fired.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Ditto every word that Nurse Beth posted. Worry about longevity or pay equity after you have successfully maneuvered past your probation. Until then, be thankful an employer is willing to accommodate you. The home health wages are no different than for any other nurse considering that job. You will be in a better position to work where you desire once you have some new employment under your belt. Good luck.
  5. by   BeenThere2012
    Do you need to have supervision as a condition of your probation? My first thought is that the BON may not approve this position....but good luck! I agree that you should take the position if it is approved.
    It is VERY difficult to find someone to hire you while on probation.
  6. by   Jumall
    I imagine that at Home Health Hospice you would be working alone? Probation for medication errors should include some supervision which could not be provided in a home nursing setting. You may be better off to secure your future if you can find a job that would support your special needs at this time.
    Good Luck!