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  1. On Probation for Pain Med Administration

    I imagine that at Home Health Hospice you would be working alone? Probation for medication errors should include some supervision which could not be provided in a home nursing setting. You may be better off to secure your future if you can find a job...
  2. New Grad Loses Job at 3 Months

    That she would even consider a job in Cardiac ICU as a new grad, and one who had just lost her job, does not show much insight.
  3. New Grad Loses Job at 3 Months

    As a retired nurse I have seen a lot. The quality of preceptor is very important and judgements based on perceived attituded can be very destructive. However, I would not recommend a crital care area for a new grad in any circumstance. Learn the basi...
  4. Pacemaker help

    Thanks soutthpaw.
  5. Can I be a RN with my conditions?

    I think you would be limited in what you can do physically which may make it difficult to get through nursing school. There are nursing jobs where with limited physical demands but they are not plentiful. As far as your mental health challenges you n...
  6. Pacemaker help

    It may depend on whether the pacemaker affects your ability to do the job required. Are you limited in your physical activity? Limited in endurance or stamina? I am 60 years old and have had a pacemaker since January 2017. It does not affect my abili...