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311ltc has 4 years experience and specializes in Geriatrics.

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  1. 311ltc

    Assisted living turned nightmare

    Also notified the state. They are in violation of unsafe staffing by being understaffed.
  2. 311ltc

    On Probation for Pain Med Administration

    I know a nurse who had restrictions placed on her license and she got a job in dialysis. Actually went back to dialysis after she was given a choice at another job after that, that she could resign or be fired.
  3. 311ltc

    Right to Refuse

    Have a NIDD in personal care facility. Resident's family member doesn't understand or doesn't' want to understand that we can not make the resident eat only healthy foods, that if they want to eat cake, ice cream etc., that is their right and we can not withhold it from them. We offer and encourage healthy choices. Family member has gone as far as to have the physician write orders to have carb controlled diet. Has anyone else run into this problem with a family member? Any success getting it across to the family member that the resident has rights?
  4. 311ltc

    Replaced by Certified Medication Aide!

    In the years I have been an LPN it become increasing apparent that the nursing profession must be one of the most abuse profession. Where else does a person have so much at stake, i.e. potential to lose license, etc., yet expected to do more and more with less. Don't make an error because it's unacceptable and can cost you everything you have worked for. I feel that nurses need to unite and demand better working conditions and protection. Unfortunately, I'm not the one to orgainze such an effort, I don't have the skills, dipolmacy, etc. Sad.
  5. 311ltc

    First med error

    Shane505 - you pretty much hit the nail on the head in regards to LTC!
  6. 311ltc

    C-section post abd surgery?

    Thank you, rbytsdy. Your information was helpful.
  7. 311ltc

    C-section post abd surgery?

    The reason it was considered misdiagnosed was related to the fact that her hormone levels were being monitored and even though they weren't in the nl range an ectopic wasn't considered until after the third trip to the ER when the tube had ruptured.
  8. 311ltc

    C-section post abd surgery?

    Three years ago, a family member had a misdiagnosised ectopic pregnancy. The docs tried treating it pharmacologically, but it was too late and it failed. After being all night in the ER, docs decided surgery was needed. Were going to do laproscopically, but the tube had ruptured and there was too much blood. The doc did a typical C-section incision. Now here we are, family member is pregnant. Being told, my need C-section due to abd surgery. Uterus is intact. Why would a C-section be necessary since it was an abd incision and the uterus was not cut? Is there the possiblity that the abd incision could ruputre during labor and delivery? Thanks!
  9. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    Thanks for all the input. Fortunately DON and administration support us in trying to modify this behavior. It really sucks up staff time when one person (has used the CB over 12 times in an 8 hr. shift) and takes away from time other resident's should have. Resident doesn't meet requirments for skilled cared. Come on the call bell isn't for every little things, esp when the person is capable.
  10. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    About the only way the family is involved is to tell the reisdent to behave. They don't come too often and don't stay long. I think the behaviors had pushed them away. They use to take the resident out, but the resident refuses. Don't know if they would consider going to activies. Good suggestion. I'll have to get social services involved. Thanks for the input.
  11. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    No, the resident's have call bells in their rooms also.
  12. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    Thanks! We are keeping a log. Started out just keeping a count of the call bell. Now it has become reason, action, result.
  13. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    Thanks! It's not an easy one!
  14. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    "Looking for what others think is appropriate use of the call bell in ALF. I'm looking for a way to manage over use of the call bell. This is regarding an able body person who may or may not have memory issues. " I copied and pasted the start of my original post. This is Assisted Living. If the resident is lonely, unfortunately it is of their own choosing. When they are out by the nurses station it is the same behaviors as when they are in their room using the call bell. At the nurses station they use other residents to wait on them. Doesn't converse much with other residents' who may repeat their conversation. In the dinning room they are constantly tell the other table mates what they, their family and everyone else under the sun should be doing. It's not an easy situation. It's difficult on all the staff. Thanks!
  15. 311ltc

    Call Bell Over Use (Abuse?)

    Looking for what others think is appropriate use of the call bell in ALF. I'm looking for a way to manage over use of the call bell. This is regarding an able body person who may or may not have memory issues. The call bell can be activated as much as 12+ times in a shift. All non urgent/emergency issues. Try re-enforcing call bell is not for requesting a drink, pull my covers up, turn my tv up, down, off, on, what's for dinner, did I eat my dinner and repeated request for PRN (knowing that it is too soon, will tell you what previously said about when they had it and when they can have it again.) need to come to nurses station to request PRN (because this is a constant request). Yes pain med has been increased, has been to other doc's, has had multiple test, exams, etc. Pill seeking?? Attention seeking?? Is on psych meds, does see the psychologist when willing, but often refuses. Never applies any of the interventions suggested by psychologist. Where is the line drawn. Don't want to violate resident's rights... Thanks for any suggestions!
  16. 311ltc

    Day Off

    Amen to that (give them an inch...). The more you do, the more they take and your still expected to get in all done within the time constraints.