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You may not believe this (or maybe you will!) but I just heard that nurses from states in the South (ie: Mississippi) recently stated to other nurses at the national American Nurses Association... Read More

  1. by   eltrip
    Honest & for real, ya'll, whoever those folks were who claimed that there isn't a nursing shortage was telling a BIG story (a story is the southern term for a lie)

    In my 8 years as a nurse, I've never seen a time when nurses weren't in high demand! As for the shortage, My sister-in-law & I saw it coming 4 years ago. I get postcards from hospitals in Nashville & from agencies frequently. We have a hospital in my area that offers $4,000 sign-on bonuses for their non-ICU staff & $5,000 for their ICU staff.

    One of the reasons I left the ICU position I held in an area hospital was mandatory was built into the schedule. It is a common practice in my part of Tennessee. Part of why I'm not floor nursing on a full-time basis as well.

    No matter what those administrators said, there is a shortage.
  2. by   zudy
    Arkansas is definately having a shortage. My hospital is offering $4000 sign-on for med-surg nurses. In the private hospital where I used to work, med-surg nurses had 12 pts on days. I tried to call report to a telemetry floor, the nurses started crying, she already had 17pts!!!!!! But the suits told us everything was fine. This was non-union. Arkansas is a "right-to work" state, which basically means that if you mention a union , you can be fired.
  3. by   TexNurse
    Shortage or no shortage- mandatory OT or not. Yes, there is a shortage. No, we don't have to do mandatory OT. So who fills in because we don't have enough of our own staff to work a busy emergency room? Agency nurses- who make $10.00 more an hour than we do- and nurses floated from another area when we can get them. And we work short. It absolutely sucks!
    So tell me this- what is your hopsital doing to retain staff? I know that when we are short staffed I am thrilled to see agency walk in the door, but what incentive do they have to work staff? They get paid more, get a 401K, get to preschedule, work the days they want, 2 or 3 holidays a year. What happened to doing more for your loyal employees? I just don't get it.
    Nursing shortage? You bet. Keep overworking and underpaying your nurses and you will see the shortage growing larger year by year.
    Just a quick note form Oklahoma. The shortage is real. At the hospital where I work in the OKC area, we often have only three nurses on the 3-11 shift on the Oncology floor, a high-accuity area,and very often only 1 NA. Manditory overtime is a bad word here, but I've not been shy about telling The Powers That Be that when it comes to choice between my license and thier profit margin, my license will be my priority. Therefore, I often wind up staying over just to make sure all the bows are tied properly. Our unit is a 32 bed oncology unit and we are usually at 23 to30 pts. So, long story short, we don't have manditory overtime but often stay over anyway, staffing sucks, and mgt only cares about their bonuses and making that profit. As for those of us who stay on the floor as opposed to ICU and other critical care units, we stay because by Goddess, somebody has to! I'm too busy to checkin with what administrators are telling our state gvmt. (and too tired) and yes, that is not the way to get things changed. Perhaps someday when I don't have to work full time and am not too old I will get up and make my voice heard. From what I see in this state, mine will be a very lonely voice. Thanks for letting me vent.
  5. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas.

    If as suggested thimgs are better in the south, nursing shortage wise, then Lord prevent me from ever becoming a yankee
  6. by   suzannasue
    ROFLMAO,TEEITUP!!!! :roll
    Sent a letter of concern to my state writing them concerns will be addressed...

    (Old Southern Saying...American by birth, Southern by the Grace of GOD!!!!)

    Seems we are ALL in the same boat and these "representatives" are on a yacht...
    They need to remember Marie Antoinette...she was also misinformed about the needs of "the people"...all she knew was her world within the palace... thus she felt everyone had food (adequate staffing),so " let them eat cake"(we have no problems with the nursing shortage in our southern states)...I am not suggesting "beheading" these poor misinformed educated idiots,but they need to open their eyes...
    Perahaps it shoulds be mandatory that they work a certain number of shifts in their districts before they even ASSUME they can speak for those of us they claim to represent...

    Keepin' it in the short grass...think I chipped that last shot!!!
  7. by   -jt
    <If as suggested thimgs are better in the south, nursing shortage wise, then Lord prevent me from ever becoming a yankee>

    LOL!!!!! Funny how it was southern nurses who suggested it!
  8. by   Burn NA
    NC nurses are not unionized. And the hospitals & other nursing facilities are CHRONICALLY understaffed. We feel the shortage.
  9. by   suzannasue
    Yeah, jt, just tickles the fire outta me that all those "Scarletts ''
    ("well, fiddle dee dee...nursing shortage? I'll think about that tomorrow...why we don't have a nursing shortage in the South,do we PaPa?) have decided they can speak about bedside issues that they either have extremely limited/ no knowledge of and can make such general statements about the bedside issues we face daily...I wonder what staffing numbers they used to substantiate their statements...not any I have seen lately...
  10. by   -jt
    <NC nurses are not unionized.>

    I know of 2 VA hospitals there where the RNs are unionized with the North Carolina Nurses Association/UAN. Also, interestingly enough, Duke U & another NC university (I forgot the name) has invited that union to come & present a forum on RN unionization to its nursing schools. For more info, contact one of the NC union delegates to the UAN (& staff RN) - Mike Boucher, MSN, RN (Lillington, NC). He is conducting the presentation -
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  11. by   Burn NA
    I live near Duke Medical Center, and I worked at the Durham VA a few months ago. In fact, the Durham VA may have been unionized (I really can't remember), but they are still having a very difficult time attracting nurses. Some of the Duke nurses fought hard for one, but it was voted down.

    As for the VA, they have excellent starting pay for nurses ($20/hr + differentials), but the environment is less than stimulating. I would HATE to work there, and many of my fellow student nurses feel the same way.

    None of the major medical centers are unionized in NC, or places where people would actually want to work (ie. non-governmental).
  12. by   nu one
    Here in South Texas, we don't have mandatory OT.Management has come up with a "solution" by offering regular staff almost double the regular pay if they work more that 40 hours per week. Somehow, it has helped solve the shortage. Also, they've hired GVN's who are about to or have just taken their licensure exams. Kinda hard at first, with just one RN , one LVN and two GVNs working a 22-bed floor. But once the GVN's have established their routines and stuff, everything started to run smoothly again.
  13. by   live4today
    Originally posted by NRSKarenRN

    If you don't want to live in NY, can come to Philly burb. Can find nice homes around $120,000 with quality Blue Ribbon schools.

    Nurses at Crozer ratify contract---Look what they $$$ won

    ......With an average base salary of $54,000, Crozer nurses had been seeking a limit to the number of patients assigned to them per shift. The union proposed reducing to 5-to-1 the ratio of patients to nurses in medical and surgical units and 2-to-1 in critical care.

    Wages for nurses with one year of experience begin at $25 per hour and increase to $37.54 per hour for nurses at the top of the wage scale. In two years, the range will be $27.22 to $41.38 per hour.......
    I wouldn't mind living in Upstate New York area or the Philly suburban areas. I have family up that does hubby since he's from Harrisburg, PA. My daughter lives in Delaware and loves it, plus I have boo-koo relatives in Maryland that I hardly see....some I don't even know......we tend to meet at family reunions when I hear "Didn't you know we were related?" :chuckle

    Anyhoo......thanks both of you for the listings posted. BTW: Anyone live in Erie, PA? How is the job market there? :kiss