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  1. by   Merlyn
    Quote from JZ_RN
    The point now is that our wars are not against any "clear enemy" and not for an "real cause" just vague interpretations. We went to war based on fairly clear-cut issues now. And no, we don't get to pick our wars unfortunately. But I would not go to be of service in a war I thought was just murdering innocents for monetary gain and no real cause. Sorry if that makes me unpatriotic, I mean, I'd lay my life down in service if there were a real cause, but I'd have to be convinced to believe there was any real cause besides pure money greed.
    Good for you. A lot of people think my country right or wrong. That's not patriotic, that's stupid. They can't tell you what the war is for or the basic history of the country we invade
    but, boy can they tie the ribbons to the oak trees. What is this war about, what was the last one about, what was Vietnam about. I don't know. I did't know when I was in the Air Force in '66.