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New overtime rules have passed the house and will now go to the Senate for a vote.... Read More

  1. by   New CCU RN
    What I want to know is how is the ANA getting involved to advocate for the nurses????????????
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    ana's invovlement in the ot bill issue was previously posted here:
    in thread 22 here:

    what else has ana been doing???? look here:

    nurse leaders take action on range of workplace and patient care issues at ana's house of delegates
    nurse leaders representing the american nurses association's 54 constituent member associations set policy on a range of issues important to the profession, including protecting the rights of nurses, supporting the critical role of public health nurses and the public health system and promoting ana's role in shaping the current debate on health care system reform to ensure access to care for all.

    ana ceo stierle highlights ana accomplishments in hod address
    ana ceo linda stierle, msn, rn, cnaa,bc, highlighted ana's many accomplishments in her annual address to the house of delegates and urged delegates to pass the bylaws proposals in order for ana to be "the house of nursing."

    ana house of delegates approves new structure to better meet the needs of nation's nurses
    a landmark restructuring of the american nurses association (ana) will allow the organization to be more inclusive and better meet the needs of all nurses. overwhelmingly passed at the june 25-27 ana house of delegates (hod), the bylaws amendments create new membership categories that provide alternative pathways for organizations and individuals to connect with ana.

    ana government affairs: http://www.ana.org/gova/
    federal advocacy
    state advocacy

    2002 ana ceo 's stakeholder report:

    nursing's agenda for the future
    nursing profession unveils strategic plan to ensure safe, quality patient care and address root causes of growing shortage nursing's agenda for the future calls for broad support from other stakeholders

    2003 press releases from
    the american nurses association
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  3. by   glascow
    The book I am reading is Silence to Voice, I had a mental block when I was typing the name of the book. I've actually had it several months and have been studying it!
  4. by   Milehighnurse
    Originally posted by NRSKarenRN

    Hope you are reading:

    Glascow and colleagues:

    Hope you are reading or have read:

    Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public
    by Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon
    It " is the first comprehensive guide to give nurses the information and encouragement they need to make their important work recognized and respected by the public."
    I will look forward to reading that book soon. I do agree that we do not communicate to the public what we really do. And it is up to us to do what we do best-educate and teach-so that the public, and the politicians, start taking our profession seriously.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    The Bush administration's proposed new rules on overtime pay raise many uncertainties about just who should be entitled to extra wages for extra work.

    AP/The Tennessean, July 13, 2003
  6. by   duckie
    I have an idea that may or may not help us in this fight. I watch a program on MSNBC called Scarborough (spelling uncertain)) Country and this man, Joe Scarborough is pure dynamite. You can email him at joe@msnbc.com This is the man that got Danny Glover fired from MCI because he found out that Glover openly supported Castro. Please check your channels, watch his show and then I say we all email him and ask him to support us in this fight. Yes, he is a repubican but I have seen him rip other repubicans to shreds for not doing the right thing. If we could get him to understand the full plight of nurses and get behind us, in light of the already current shortage, I bet our voices would be heard. If you don't want to watch the show, just email him your feelings. He used to be in Congress and knows how they work. I am constantly floored by his ability to get things done. He is a real butt kicker and I think if enough of us wrote to him, maybe he would listen. It cannot hurt. Just a thought. I am going to email him right now. Duckie
  7. by   Milehighnurse
    Originally posted by NRSKarenRN
    The Bush administration's proposed new rules on overtime pay raise many uncertainties about just who should be entitled to extra wages for extra work.
    At least the word is getting out. I talk to everybody I meet about this, ask them if they know about it and direct them to appropriate media resources so that they can see for themselves.
    I'd still like to know why the national media doesn't seem interested in this, or interested in this yet? Not juicy enough for them?
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    from psna legislative alert :july 16, 2003

    federal overtime pay amendment defeated

    on july 10 the u.s. house of representatives voted to defeat an amendment that would have blocked the department of labor from implementing new rules on overtime pay of some white-collar employees, including nurses. the amendment, which lost 213-210, was introduced by congressman george miller (d-ca) and dave obey (d-wi). the amendment was offered during the debate on the fiscal year 2004 labor, health and human services and education appropriation bill.

    these new provisions to the federal labor standard act would have eliminated thousands of employees who are eligible today to receive overtime pay. one study suggests as many as 8 million employees could be affected. the american nurses association sent a letter to the department of labor in opposition to the proposed regulations. in addition to the amendment, congressman miller along with congressman peter king (r-ny) introduced h.r. 2665 which would bar the labor department from excluding any worker now eligible for overtime pay.
    please contact your u.s. representative and him/her to cosponsor this important resolution.
  9. by   resqrider
    ya know the DOL needs to get the collar color, some of us are white collar ,some are brown collar and some are red collar. i think they need to get form behind there desks and come put our uniforms for a day and then rethink the overtime law. Nurses are not always that appreciated, as it is.
  10. by   wishingmary
    I just sent a class e-mail out through Blackboard telling them that it passed the house. My only comment was I hope everyone is writing their senators now. I don't think they have any idea of what is happening. I feel really sick to my stomach. This will really help the nursing shortage, huh.
  11. by   resqrider
    I know what you mean i will be graduating in a year from nursing school. i wonder how this will affect me on my first job
  12. by   RNIAM
    This may seem radical and controversial . Refuse to work if the bill is signed. How many nurses are out there? How many have licenses? How many nursing students are out there? Simply take the 2 minutes necessary to sign your name to a letter specifying that will refuse to work if the bill is passed.
    It is an idea. I really think unification can happen if the greater good of all is considered. Here is another thought since this is not just about nurses why not test the waters with the other groups affected? We should be paid for the work we perform. Government should not dictate our wages.
    I am willing to formulate a list of nurses that are willing to refuse over-time if this bill is passed. here is the kicker we all will need to back it up by refuseing to be mandated. That could mean losing your job. The other thought is a national walkout day to be scheduled before the bill is set to be pass. Think about the messsage that would send. It certainly would make it clear that nurses were not sitting back waiting for the crap to fall in their laps. What does eveyone think?
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  13. by   resqrider