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  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Like I said in my previous post, this bill has not changed the quality nor the administration of care to anyone!
    The fact is, there could be possibilities of such happening in the future, from any state.
  2. by   KrisRNwannabe
    Hockeytown I think you are on the right track. As I stated previously, I watched the preceedings on this bill and very little to nothing was mentioned about gays. They were speaking about procedures such as abortions. I believe I also stated that several top execs from our local hospitals spoke and that this is already the norm in the hospitals in the area. Does anyone work with a jehova witness? are concessions made them in any way? such as not hanging a transfusion? I am sure if concessions are being made at the major hospitals in michigan than it is occurring elsewhere. and Nicki what I find horrible is your uneducated slanderous response.
  3. by   witnurse
    Quote from meownsmile
    I have to agree with hypnotic, and marie. Totally rediculous.

    I guess i can deny care for a Jehovah's Witness then, i dont agree with their religious practices. Anyone want to deny care to a Catholic or Pentacostal? Geeezzzzz!
    Many have. ( or didn't you know?) refused treatment to Jehovah's Witnesses. When the right to be free begins to be corroded against ANY class, group, religion, sexual orientation, age etc. the rest of the freedom goes rather quickly.
  4. by   witnurse
    Quote from JWRN
    How sad is this? In this day and age. I think I would like to start refusing to care for patient's whose religion goes against mine. It did say religious grounds. It should work both ways. Ex. Christian can refuse to care for a Muslim or Jehovah's Witness because their religions do not mesh. I should be able to refuse to care for a heterosexual patient because I do not agree with their lifestyle, whose to say that the heterosexual lifestyle is the norm....

    This is just plan stupid, obviously people with nothing better to do than to think of ways to discriminate against a group of people...
    Just FYI Jehovah's Witnesses are Christian.
  5. by   Judee Smudee
    Could homosexuals refuse to care for heterosexuals then?
  6. by   Tony35NYC
    Who are these neanderthals who are passing these laws? And who are these doctors who are refusing to treat people? When did the primary focus of healthcare shift from caring for the sick to politics. This has nothing at all to do with ethics, its pure and simple bigotry. If they are going to use discriminatory practices to decide who will benefit from their services they should retire from the healthcare field and go run private country clubs that offer memberships only to people who look like them, act like them, and believe in the same things they do. Some of these so-called Christians really ought to take a second look at the life of the man they claim to be following. Somehow I can't see Jesus scheming up a plot to slight or discriminate against any person who needed his help. In fact, he did exactly the opposite, and encouraged his followers to do the same.

    Gay or no gay, this is bull. I hope the civil liberties groups in that state will challenge it in court.
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  7. by   NRSKarenRN

    Time out for Administrative review.