Let's Party: ANA 2002 Convention

  1. come to our party: 2002 ana convention

    learn how ana works, is protecting and promoting the profession of nursing, earn ceu's and reinvigorate your practice.
    (also get to meet nrskaren !)

    june 29- july 2, 2002
    pennsylvania convention center,
    philadelphia, pa

    full convention schedule:

    selected ceu programs: over 30 programs to choose from
    sc009: turning the public into nursing's advocate

    sc018: your workplace rights

    sc023: a conversation with nursing's leaders

    sc037: staff nurses speak out: their needs for ethics resources and education to be effective patient care advocates

    sc045: medication errors: a measure of the nursing shortage

    sc050: disposable nurses - don't allow yourself to become a dying breed

    sc077: the aging rn workforce: retaining our most experienced nurses

    sc092: legality, ethics and compassion in 21st century nursing care

    sc097: clinical practice trends for nurses caring for the acute and critically ill

    sc120: yes or no? assignment despite objection

    sc124: dollars and sense: financial planning for nurses

    sc155: nurse staffing: the california experience

    entire ceu schedule

    cost: postmarked by may 17th:..............after may17th or on-site:
    member /non-member...............member /non-member

    full convention:.......$285/ $365.........................$315/ $425
    two day fee:...........$190/ $245.........................$215/ $265
    day fee:.................$135/ $160.........................$135/ $160
    undergrad student:.$115
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  3. by   -jt
    and me!

    Karen, dont forget to tell me again what you'll be wearing so I can find you!
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    I would love to go--Philly isn't that far away from me. I attended the Ohio Nurses Association convention last October and was amazed and inspired and awestruck by the women that I heard speak. If only I can get the vacation time...I am so there!
  5. by   Jenny P
    I've already got the time off and will be there too! I'm only an alternate delegate at this time, but plan to be there anyway. It is so energizing to meet and talk with other nurses from across the country and try to change nursing for the better. Even if I end up not being a delegate,I will still be able to put in my 2 cents' worth at my state level.
  6. by   -jt
    Hi Jenny,

    Im not an ANA delegate this year either but I want to attend some of the staff nurse CE programs, financial planning for RNs, workplace rights, the ones on "disposable" nurses, retaining experienced nurses, nursing legalities/ethics, and one on critical care practices. And maybe observe some of the voting body sessions & hear those discussions. That should be enough CEs to take care of the whole year. I am a UAN delegate so I'll be there a few days earlier for the UAN Convention & plan to stay at least 2 days for the ANA seminars. Its a good thing we've got conference reimbursement and paid time off in our contracts to attend things like this.

    We have to plan more time to spend visiting this time. Last time I saw you in DC, it was so hectic! We need to relax more this time. A nice stroll through the Liberty Bell park would be nice. And maybe we can even get Karen to happy hour on South St!

    (remember - save all receipts for your taxes - work related business expenses - I always forget that part so this is a reminder to myself!)
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    As PA is hosting this event, I'll be running around behind the scenes, assisting PA delegation. Hope to get to a few CE events.
    Partying on South Street... only a few blocks away, I'm game.

    Maybe Saturday night the best time, if you'll all in by then.
    Chinatown starts the next block over from the Convention Center so you can go there. Our Reading Terminal Market ( fresh fruits, meat s, vegetables, giftware, spices + teas and foodstands) is next door.

    The University of PA Nursing Museum is only a 10 minute drive away....would like for you to see it. Anyone interested in a tour there??

    JT, I'll wear my Blue plaid outfit again.

    Franklin Institute with it's OmniMax Theature 5 minutes away. We have The Philly Flash Shuttle right outside the convention doors to take you to many cultural stops...I'll get the cost, $2 or $3.00. Would you like for me to get the updated Phila. Visitors Guide sent to you so you can scope out what to sight see?

    Let me know how I can help make visiting Philadelpia a treat!

    Leave message or send PM.

    P.S.: Atlantic City Casino's only 1 1/2 hr drive...my minivan holds 6 other passengers.
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  8. by   bassbird
    Hi Karen,

    I would love to go to the convention. I'm an undergrad at the moment but graduate in May. Can I qualify for the undergrad rate if I sign up early?

    I want to start off my nursing career on the right foot by getting involved.

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  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Yes, as long as no licensure, qualify at student rate. Student ID required to be submited. Check out the website for info.
    Welcome board!
  10. by   hoolahan
    I have already had the pleasure of meeting Karen, and now I am even more excited to meet more people from here! You find Karen, she will lead you to me, right Karen?

    I never even knew there was a nursing museum in Philly.

    Mmmm Reading terminal...there is the best chinese food place in there, of course right around the corner from Chinatown, I suppose there better be.

    So Karen, I was under the impression this was a PA Nurse convention, but it is ANA?? Pa is "hosting" then?

    OK, I am sure I missed it, but I suggest Atlantic City next year. There's beach, gambling, shows, yada yada yada!
  11. by   Jenny P
    Jt, I've asked for and received time off from June 25th through July 3rd for the convention, so am also planning on attending as much of the UAN convention as I can (I missed the first 2 days last year). My usual roommate (Karen from Up North in Mn) for conventions is a UAN delegate, and she will probably stay for the whole ANA convention also. You met her last year, Julie, and I have some nice pictures of the 2 of you.
    Hey, Roberta, do you have a roommate yet? Call me when you get organized, because there is a good possibility that you could go with us if you're interested. But I will warn you, my roomie gets me into trouble on these convention jaunts; and she can't stand any food with eyes (like some shrimp or sea food dishes!).
    NRSKaren, are you going to be the social planner for the allnurses bb group? I'll take you up on some of these activities you mentioned here. Several things that you mentioned sound like fun; and I'd like to meet you also (my computer was dead before last years' convention so I missed all of the plans for meeting then).
    Hoolahan, I hope you plan to come this year because it would be fun to meet you. However, next year the convention will be back at Washington, DC from June 27-29th, 2003; then in Minneapolis, MN for June 25-30th, 2004. Every odd year the ANA convention stays in Washington, DC and is a short, "working" convention; while the even year takes the ANA convention to different cities in the East, West, or Central part of the US. These even year conventions have CE classes and huge exhibit halls for all of the nurses who are not delegates, and many different activities going on all of the time. It's sometimes hard to pick what you want to do or see, because there is so much going on at them! In 2004, we will be celebrating the Minnesota Nursing Association's 100th anniversary. And we are already making plans to make it a fantastic convention!
  12. by   -jt
    <JT, I'll wear my Blue plaid outfit again>

    Perfect! I can spot you a mile away!!! lol.
    (you looked lovely)

    Ive been to all the places you mentioned Karen but damned if I knew there was a SHUTTLE to take me to them. I WALKED to every single one of those things - in ONE DAY! And every museum on Museum Mile, just about every antique shop on Antique Row, Betsy Ross House & Independence Hall.
    Living in NY, you just dont think to drive to anything. Didnt even realize how exhausting it was, cause I was with a very special gentleman, but I sure found out later when I couldnt even move. lol

    The Nursing Museum is located in what was the very first hospital in this country. I liked the historic photos & thought they should have them change places with the MD portraits in the rotunda. My friend is also a nurse & he wouldnt give up until we found it because he had heard that they had stuff about the history of men in nursing. A very small display but interesting. We found it & he was happy but we had to go search down the bowels of the back halls to see all those wonderful historic pictures & items that should be prominently displayed. Instead, you are greeted in the center of the beautiful building by only the sagging, unsmiling faces of old MDs. lol

    <<I would love to go to the convention. I'm an undergrad at the moment but graduate in May. Can I qualify for the undergrad rate if I sign up early? I want to start off my nursing career on the right foot by getting involved.>>

    Awwwww... doesnt that just warm our hearts? Theres hope for the future after all. And youre from Minnesota too?? Maybe youll find Jenny on the plane headed to the same destination! Why not print out Karens info & put it up at the bulletin board at school & make it a "class trip"? I bet some of your educators are even coming.
    Enjoy the events & welcome to nursing! Check out the website:
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  13. by   -jt
    <You met her last year, Julie, and I have some nice pictures of the 2 of you>

    So I have to wait a year to see them??? Didnt somebody take pictures of you & me together too?

    oh what am I complaining about? I went to the UAN labor leader conference in Vegas last Sept and I havent even unpacked the camera yet, never mind gotten them developed. lol
  14. by   NRSKarenRN
    Now Hoolahan:
    Thought I had already roped you into helping us at the convention and that you understood it was ANA's national convention...glad we got that straightened out.

    Just coordinated Eagle dinner for 120 Scouts and parents (son's best friend made Eagle at age 14!), so guess I can plan social events for a few nurses.

    Hardest part will be identifying free time we can get together as SO much to review as a delegate....attending resolution hearings, HOD etc.

    Rechecked ANA web site: 170 CEU offerings!!!!! Yipes, how to narrow that down.

    Have 5 months to plan so...............we'll just have to keep checking in here!

    Take a look at the convention itineary.. think best to get together before HOD convenes?