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hb 03-1284 - "concerning changes to the nursing programs at state-supported institutions of higher education, and, in connection therewith, directing the colorado commission on higher education to... Read More

  1. by   OC_An Khe
    Terrible idea this piece of legislation.
    It is a typical and historical response in a time of shortage, lower the standards of entrance into practise and thereby increase supply. This will ultimately do two things. First lower quality of nursing care and secondly lowering the wages of nurses (supply and demand shift).
    Remember that people who think like this, view nursing as a cost that must be controlled rather then a valuable economic service that must be maintained and expanded.
    To the Coloradian Nurses you need to fight and defeat this legislation and all other bills of this nature.To the Nurses from other states and countries be on the lookout for similiar bills.
  2. by   WashYaHands
    I know that COLORADO VOTERS/LICENSED RN's will have the most punch in contacting legislators
    Yes, if you are a registered voter and/or a nurse licensed in Colorado, please contact your elected officals to voice your opposition of this bill (HB03-1284).
    Colorado Elected Officials

    what do you think would be an affective stratigy for us to use?
    The Colorado Nurses Association is a constituent of the ANA. I'm sure the ANA is aware of this. Perhaps nurses from other states can write a letter in support of Colorado Nurses position and their opposition to the bill. Also, since this directly involves the Colorado SBON (who also opposes the bill), writing a letter to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) opposing the legislation and siding with CO nurses would show national nursing unification.

    American Nurses Association National Council of State Boards of Nursing

    I'll keep up with it and post as developments occur. Thanks for your help.

  3. by   -jt
    <The bill's primary advocate is Ralph Nagle, owner of Meridian nursing homes and President of the Board of CCHE. >

    What a surprise. The chief push for the passage of this bill to lower the standards of the nursing profession in that state & take it all out of control of nurses comes from none other than a businessman with an interest in a benefit to his business. Supporting nursings fight against crap like that is exactly why I am a member of my state nurses assoc & what my dues pay for, and as a member of the ANA, some of the dues I pay in NYC are probably going to help fund that fight in Colorado. And thats fine with me. You gotta fight fire with fire & if nurses arent in the political arena to do it & also fund their fight, people like this big-bucks nursing home owner/businessman are going to get away with making the laws & decisions for us. And we all will suffer. I hope that meeting is packed to the rafters with Colorado nurses & nursing students too. It just doesnt end with the end of our shift anymore.
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  4. by   Colorado1
    As I understand there are at least 13 states who have said they will not accept Colorado nurses under this program, should it go through. Nurses would not receive a degree, but rather a certificate. Forget travelling. Suppose they're trying to make sure we're locked into Colorado to alleviate the nursing shortage. The irony here is the state wants to take it over- hmmm aren't they the ones bottlenecking the whole nursing flow anyway? If they won't fund the institutions with money to pay faculty, there are no instructors. No instructors, no programs... no programs, no nurses...
  5. by   WashYaHands
    Update: From a representative of the State House and committee member.

    HB1284 has been greatly amended. It will be presented on March 5. We have a good compromise. Thank you for contacting me. It will be heard in the Health, Environment, Welfare, and Institutions Committee. Take care.

    Actually, I've been told (cannot verify) but the colorado commission on Higher education (CCHE) is against this legislation. The only proponent of the bill is Ralph Nagle, who is president of the CCHE and the nursing home owner.

    I'll continue to post updates as I find/receive them.

  6. by   maggie7
    Pretty scary. I expect to see a memo soon. From Ralph. To Slylvan Learning Centers: How much to "fix" those computers?
  7. by   WashYaHands
    The House Health, Environment, Welfare & Institutions Committee voted 6 to 5 to postpone the bill indefinitely. The motion to forward the bill to the appropriations committee failed.

  8. by   Stargazer
  9. by   -jt
    update From the Colorado Nurses Association:

    HB 1284 DEFEATED Thanks to Nursing Input from around the State

    As a result of scores of phone calls, emails and faxes from nurses around the state, HB 1284 was defeated in the House, Education, Welfare and Institutions (HEWI) Committee by a vote of 4-7. Thanks to Represenatives Boyd (D), Cloer (R), Frangas (D), Johnson (R), Romanoff (D), Tochtrop (D) and Weissman (D) who voted against the bill. Rep. Ramey Johnson and Rep. Lois Tochtrop are both RNs.

    The sponsor of the bill, Representative Debbie Stafford, did meet with nurses three times between the initial posting of the bill and the final hearing in committee on March 5. The day before the HEWI committee, she presented a significantly amended bill, which deleted the components - such as decrease in education hours for nursing and change in oversight of schools from the State Board of Nursing to the Commission on Higher Education - that nurses were most concerned about. She added a section on Multistate Licensure Compact as a possible solution to the nursing shortage.

    After more than two hours of testimony from many student nurses, staff nurses, nursing educators, nursing organizations, and even a consumer, the committee voted to kill the bill.

    The primary reason seemed to be that many of the concerns about the nursing shortage which the bill had attempted to address, were in fact already being addressed through schools, clinical settings within the community and the State Board of Nursing policies.

    The nursing community can take great pride in coming together on this important issue of nursing education, practice and regulation of nursing practice. Many legislators have learned much more about the importance of the nursing profession to the citizens of Colorado.>>>
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  10. by   funnygirl_rn
    Yea! More progress!
  11. by   VickyRN
    they won't fund the institutions with money to pay faculty, there are no instructors. No instructors, no programs... no programs, no nurses...
    Excellent point--exactly what we're seeing right now in North Carolina. It's getting harder and harder to find quality ADN instructors, since the students we graduate often make more money than we do. We just lost an excellent clinical instructor who had been at our CC for the past 19 years--she's gone to work PRN as a staff nurse at a nearby hospital, making $40/hr.

    On a lighter note, SO GLAD that this horrendous bill was stopped!!!
  12. by   -jt
    <On a lighter note, SO GLAD that this horrendous bill was stopped!!!>

    By the power of NURSES