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Do you start out your freshman year going to nursing school?

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Seldom do you find a program like that any more. The current model is to enroll as a freshman, take a couple years of pre-requisites (english, chemistry, anatomy etc) THEN apply to the nursing program. Wait another year or so - THEN actual nursing courses.

Probably not. Most schools admit freshmen as "pre-nursing" and during that time you take the pre-requisite courses required to apply to the nursing program. After you finish all the classes, then you submit an application to the school's nursing program and you take it from there. If you get in, you'll start the core nursing classes and will be officially in the program. If not, then you reapply during the next application cycle.

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Do you start out your freshman year going to nursing school?

It depends...we have a couple of local colleges that offer Tech Prep which allow you to take college classes while in HS.

Pre-reqs have to be meet before applying to the program at those colleges as well.

I would refer to the college catalog in which you plan to apply for criteria.

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There are some programs that accept new high school grads and put them in a four year program. But most do not. You earn your spot in nursing courses by proving yourself in the prerequisite requirements first.

Most schools near me you get directly accepted out of high school. (pittsburgh)

I attend ITCC in IN and we have to complete math, APHY 101 and 102, English and Psychology then can apply to the nursing program. IPFW in Ft Wayne only does BSN which is 4 years total min with pre req's.

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I attend ITCC in Indiana also! I'm a current ASN student and also had to complete pre-req's before being accepted into my program. I'm personally not familiar with any direct admit programs but there are probably for-profit schools that offer them (I would NEVER recommend that route though).

Hi Bloomgirl! Great to see a fellow ITCC here : ) Congrats on making it into the program!

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Some schools have a "straight from high school acceptance". Usually, to get accepted immediately, you needed to do extremely well academically in high school.

More nursing schools do a "pre-nursing" major and you apply for the program only after you have completed all or most of your per-requisite courses such as Englishes, a&p I and II, microbio, and whatever else.

My advice: do your research and make sure it is though before you start in any direction. You don't want to end up at a school with a 15% acceptance rate into the program if you know that you won't get stellar grades.

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