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I was just wondering if there are any other nurses who struggle with mental illness. It seems to be one disability that is met with little tolerance and support in the medical field. I do have major... Read More

  1. by   baker90803
    good for you, it's so tough get through those kinds of ordeals w/o meds. a portion of it has to do with will to succeed at any cost. the rest has to do with luck and staying present i think....maybe one crisis at a time.
  2. by   fingers49
    I am new at this I wanted to ask about panic attacks.I have been a nurse for 3 years now. I had my first attack about year ago I thought I was going out of my mind. That passed, now I am having them again. I question everything I do as a nurse, to the point it makes me sick. Even if I do every thing right as far as nursing skills, this anxity is driving me to no sleep I am so nervous all the time. I know patients can sense this. I have just quit my job after three days of panic about everything. Any suggestions I am desperate and about ready to give up on nursing
  3. by   baker90803
    you have to get to the root of what's bothering you. something is driving the panic. it seems to me that everyone needs at least two or three parts of their life to be order to have the drive and will to battle one part that's not working.

    get into counseling as soon as possible. get it out in the open and start dealing with it. face it down and walk through it, whatever it takes.

    everyone has "something" that doesn't work. maybe it's a body part or process or a general illness. it's not the focusing on what doesn't work as much as it is the focusing on what does... and continuing to make the train go!

    don't give up, ever.
  4. by   baker90803
    what part of england do you live in ? i spent six months there last year.
  5. by   JentheRN05
    I shared these same problems. I quit my first job due to what was in my opinion a lack of orientation. Well it truly was! But due to that I felt extremely incompetent and felt that others saw me that way as well. It wrecks havoc on the already fragile mindset that we have. But the key is, to do your best to believe in yourself and once you do others will as well.
    I would also advise reading a few books ESPECIALLY 'Your 1st year as a nurse by Donna Cardillo. It has alot of excellent suggestions. Ones that can actually be put to use on this forum. Such as, start a journal. Journal your good days AND bad days. By writing your thoughts, your experiences your fears and your accomplishments everyday you will see how you grow as a nurse.
    You will be fine. I actually only journaled for about 3 - 4 weeks and I feel much MUCH more competent as a nurse because I have seen the effects on peoples lives that I have had the benefit of being a part of.
  6. by   Cute_CNA
    I am not a nurse, but want to let you know that I have the same problem.

    I'm always thinking, "I should have done this, I should have known that, God, I'm so stupid..." I really beat myself up, and I think I make more mistakes b/c of it.

    Being seen as incompetant in any way in doing a job makes me feel horrible and also leaves me feeling humiliated. It's just a huge pit of dread for me.

    My point is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!
  7. by   AussieTina
    Just a thought....have you seen the doctor about changing your meds? I am bipolar and some of the meds the docs have had me on, have made me see myself and my actions differently (as in from a skewed point of view). Hope this makes sense. I do not need any meds at the moment, but i am scared when i am finally a RN that the bipolar will once again rear its ugly head and sap my confidence.

    Goodluck and believe in yourself

  8. by   fingers49
    Thank You so much. This has hit me hard, I have worked confidently, and enjoy the nursing processes. I have had a lot of stresses in my life for the last year. Illness and major surgery for my husband my last child has gotten married, a major move selling the hone we had raised our children in.But the place we move to is beautiful our dream come true that is why this is so frustrating
  9. by   catz
    Quote from zoeboboey
    Hello catz, are you the catz I remember from the depression thread some time ago? There are a LOT OF CAT PEOPLE round here, did ya notice?

    yep im the one ya remember cat people are fun hehe thats y there are so many of us. (cept im really regretting getting a second cat now lol)

    how ya doing?
  10. by   HappyJaxRN
    Hi Serena-

    Awesome post. Gave me a lot of inspiration. I can totally relate. Altho, I haven't been diagnosed with a mental disorder, I found your post intriguing. I was diagnosed with a learning disorder about 5 years ago which has greatly impacted everything I do. Nursing school was hard and learning as a new nurse has been a challenge. I stopped taking the meds because I couldn't tolerate the SE's. The symptoms of my disorder include depression and anxiety, impulsiveness. I'm the one that tends to jump out and say something when I don't agree or feel impulsive at that moment...I used to do this at will. I find that nursing has trained me some to basically "chill out."

    I feel the same way you do about Hospice. That's awesome that you're doing well.
  11. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from catz
    yep im the one ya remember cat people are fun hehe thats y there are so many of us. (cept im really regretting getting a second cat now lol)

    how ya doing?

    I had to put one of my kitties to sleep so I still have one - she is still wondering where her "sister" is!

    I'm doing so so, kinda dragging in the depression dept - have an appt with my doc Monday, I hope he can do something with my meds! I can hardly stand myself

    You sound pretty good! Are ya?
  12. by   Karine2

    i have struggled with depression i think since actually grade three but wasn't diagnosed with depression until age 12 and since then i have struggled with chronic and severe depression with some ups and some really really downs including hospitalizations. included in there is an eating disorder that started at age 11 of which i am still dealing with today and i'm now 26.
    i just started nursing school in september and am struggling emotionally and eating disorder-wise. everything jsut feels so overwhelming and like so much and i'm not even in clinical yet, that's not til next semester so when i think of next semester i'm overcome by anxiety.
    but i am on meds and see a therapist weekly and go into an ed unit on the weekends for help with that.

    i'm just worried that even though nursing is what i always wanted to do, that maybe it or i'm not cut out for it because of my depression and how my mind tends to think. i've wondered too that maybe i've been reading the stories on here too much and it has just scared me?? it's just got me thinking that nursing maybe is too stressful for me and too hard.

    but this thread has helped to reassure me a little bit. i would just have to find my nice. my interest areas are pediatric mental health or pediatric oncology and i think i could do those. i plan on staying far far away from the er, medical surg and those ones.

    i just don't know what's going to get me through the rest of this year.
    i'm also in a cbl program and i'm not liking it.

  13. by   catz
    Quote from zoeboboey
    I had to put one of my kitties to sleep so I still have one - she is still wondering where her "sister" is!

    I'm doing so so, kinda dragging in the depression dept - have an appt with my doc Monday, I hope he can do something with my meds! I can hardly stand myself

    You sound pretty good! Are ya?
    its so sad when we have to let them go isnt it. thats y i got the 2nd cat whitney is well getting on, i canot survive without a cat but once she goes ill not be able to get another one so got one now. plus they company for each other. im sorry u lost one of yours.

    deression sorry your dragging down there too, and i do hope they do manage to do sumat wiht your meds. it aint no fun when ya can hardly stand yourself i know.

    as for me its an act, im trying to convinve myself im fine whenim so far form it well ya know the story lol. i had a very nice mega up 2mths over the summer and i want that back now lol. the docs still arent listening to me, or dont believe me or summat. apparently cos i used to be a nurse im spoosed to be able to identify exactly how i feel and why i feel like that. so im mega pissed off wiht them lol.
    so i hvae nicely locked myself away in my own little place, avoiding all my usual hangouts online and avoiding everyone as much as i can irl too. but at the same time im not as depressed as i have been, and i havent completly given up yet.