nurses and vacations off work


great nures!!!,:) i must say i"m really proud to be a nurse, and enjoy every moment spent in this field of study.

sometimes though like every other situation in life, we face our challenges,which only to me refines us clean like pure gold through a fire furnace.:up:

dears ive learnt to take each day as it comes with joy,and put in my best as my conscience pleases.:saint:

i like to have fun too, take a vacation:cool:, party hang out, go to the beach and relax to get a clear head. i assure you its the best therapy for me to keep sane .:chuckle

any one out there intrested in telling me how they spend their offdays, vacation , free time outside the walls of nursing? pls feel free to share with others. cos nurses sometimes are too entrenched in their jobs,thus skipping the balance.:loveya:

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It's been a long time since I've worked at a place that even offers paid vacations. Until the perk of having paid vacation time returns, I'll be less inclined to take unpaid time off.

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I like to go to the movies, go shopping, hang out with friends, and go to the beach in the summer. When I have a vacation(I get 3 weeks paid vacation per year), I go somewhere-I love to travel.

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We travel - and off peak since both of our jobs require holiday shifts. A trip to Iceland is in the works for late February.



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My PTO is accumulated throughout the year, and amounts to 3 weeks total. It's been that way at the last 2 hospitals I've worked at. I personally believe that vacation time should be used for just that vacationing, though this year I had to take some of my PTO for school reasons.

That being said I've been on some pretty nice vacations in the past couple of years. My most recent vacation was past summer I spent 5 days in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and 3 days in Destin, Florida. I've also been to Cancun, Panama City Fl, and Gatlinburg TN, on vaction in the last couple of years. At some point I'll take a vaction to get married and go on a honeymoon bur my next paid vacation will probably be spent at home after the birth of my child though which is perfectly fine with me.


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My time off is spent doing housework, baking, yardwork, reading, time with hubby. Our vacations usually consist of camping in nearby state parks with our travel trailer, though we took our first cruise last year and loved it! We're dreaming of a cruise to Hawaii or to the Mexican Riviera sometime in the next few years.


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I love vacation time. I love vacations so much I usually take at least 4 a year. When I work, I work. When I vacation, I have fun.

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FISHING!! every chance I get.

Took a week vacation , stayed at a cabin by a pier that was open 24 hours a day.!! My husband even LOVED it.

MY advise is to wear wrist braces though, Carpal Tunnel attack Like I've never felt before!! Fishing On days off too!


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Personally I love vacations, very therapeutic. A wonderfull vacation contains many things.Warm weather first off. No ski resorts for me. Warm weather, blue skies, beaches, Warm friendly naturist environment. Volley ball, golf, water sports, yoga, massage. Good food, Good alcohol, good music, good times.

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