Should you arrive on time or super early for job interviews?

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  2. What do you think? Should you arrive on time or super early for job interviews?

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  4. by   Pick01
    5-10 minutes early, no more. Earlier you seem desperate, and force them to be uncomfortable making you wait which can work against you. On-time is too close to late, which makes them wonder if you wait till last minute to show up to work.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    i'd say absolutely no more than 15 minutes early, but you also need to allow for things like an extra long red
    light or a detour if you're driving. also assume the first bus, subway, or el will pass you by because it's already
    full. if you do get there early, take a deep breath, go to the john, get a non-carbonated drink (no unscheduled
    burps,) locate your interview room, and relax.
  6. by   KimberlyRN89
    For one of my interviews earlier this yr, I showed up 45 minutes early Not a good idea. I decided to take the metro train b/c the GPS wasn't giving me very accurate directions (the facility is very hidden, you definitley wouldn't know it was there unless you were familiar with the area-and I wasn't!). By the time I got off the metro, it was about 8:55. My appointment wasn't until 10! By the time I walked to the facility, and got searched & patted down(it was a jail), it was only 9:15.It all worked out great though, I got hired on the spot & I'm working there now, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have arrived so early lol!
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  7. by   nurseprnRN
    omg, when i first read this out of the corner of my eye i thought it said, "should you arrive on time or sober early for job interviews?" and i thought, nursing school has really gone to the dogs if they need to know that.

    ahem. i would advise that a little early is fine and sober would be good.
  8. by   queenjulie
    Super-early, but don't go in until ten minutes before! I planned to arrive an hour early for a job interview right out of college, thinking I would sit in my car and read a book and focus after I got there that early. Instead, there was an accident with fatalities that closed the freeway entirely on my way to the interview, and I arrived barely thirty seconds before the interview time. If I hadn't been so far ahead of schedule, I would have missed it entirely. I got the job, and that was the beginning of a very successful, twelve-year career that ended with me running my own research journal and going into medicine, and now starting a second career as a nurse. If I hadn't been so early that day, my life would be completely different.
  9. by   chaka_1709
    I plan to be there about 30 mins early in case of traffic or anything else, but I don't walk in until 5 to 10 minutes prior.
  10. by   NayRN
    My last interview, I was early, so I took off down the highway and blasted loud music for about 30 miles, then I turned back and went to the interview. Some nice relaxing time! I was refreshed and prepared!
    Then I sat there for 40 minutes as they weren't very prompt in their appointment time.
    Then she told me I'd hear from her by the end of the week either way.
    5 weeks later she emailed me to tell me I did't get the job.
    I was sort of disappointed at first, but now that I think about it...
  11. by   GinginRN
    I arrive super early to the destination and arrive at the HR office approximately 10 minutes early. Most of the interviews I have been invited to have been out of town/out of state. If it's a large facility, I try to get inside and give myself a few minutes to acclimate to the environment, then head to the HR office approximate 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment. If the facility is small, I just wait until 10 minutes before the scheduled interview and walk in.
  12. by   PacoUSA
    Always 5-10 minutes before scheduled interview time, no more no less.
  13. by   nursel56
    Arriving 5-10 minutes early is good, although when you live where I do it's so hard to predict travel time due to the vagaries of our freeway system! Check your local traffic website/radio station early and often on the day of the interview. If you get there 30-40 minutes early go grab a cup of coffee (or herb tea if you have the jitters) and use the extra time to get yourself calmed down and confident-appearing.
  14. by   Meriwhen
    IMO, you should not be more than 15 minutes early because that just comes across as awkward.

    If you're there earlier than that, wait outside (weather conditions permitting), in your car, or anywhere out of the line of sight of the receptionist because then he/she will start feeling awkward too seeing you sit there for 30-45-60 minutes. This is one of those times when keeping a book in your car or bag comes in handy.
  15. by   billyboblewis
    Super early is an imposition on the people interviewing you as they often have other tasks to take care of. It also makes you look a little bit crazy which is not one of the qualites employers look for in an applicant

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