Nurse on vacation

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  2. Nurses, how far off is this from reality?

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  4. by   ShayRN
    I have accidently called people on their cells when they were on vacation, but as soon as they said they were out of town, I told them to enjoy, lol. That is a bit much.
  5. by   sjordan005
    This actually happen to me when I was a DON of a long term care
  6. by   LISA STIGDON
  7. by   GitanoRN
    Quote from brian
    Nurses, how far off is this from reality?

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    Definitely, I'm guilty of calling staff when I have forgotten that they are on vacation, and it has happened to me during my vacation, that's why this cartoon made me LOL
  8. by   Meriwhen
    I've been called while on vacation, while driving towards my vacation, while in another state, while in another time zone, while I was out on medical leave for the swine flu, while on my way to a root canal, while I was recovering from even more dental surgery...I bet the supervisor will never forget THAT phone call

    Best one ever though: I got called three weeks AFTER I had resigned and moved to another state. Since it was nursing management and not staffing calling, I took the opportunity to secure the caller as a reference for job hunting. And it worked
  9. by   ryrn59
    The best advise is do not bring your cell phone to your vacation, but you need to contact your family too. So the other best advise is to screen your calls or put everything on voice mail, review the voice mails later. When you are on vacation, only impt calls should be answered. (ie life and death situations involving family members at home). Enjoy your vacation. LOL.
  10. by   TygRNoef
    I've been called to come in while on vacation more than once. . .
  11. by   tcoady
    Too funny! I know I had called in sick a few years ago and the supervisior asked me how high my fever was. When I told her 101, she asked me to check it again and call her back - if it was 100 or below, I should be able to make it, I didn't call her back!
  12. by   puroticorico
    Haha oh isn't that reality! Don't bring your cell phone on vacation :P.
  13. by   prmenrs
    "I'd just love to work tonight, but I might be a little late. I'm in Waikiki!" It's happened to me, too. Love the response on the other end when I say that!
  14. by   cclear2020
    pre approved time off is yours 100%, and though the job may lack boundaries in calling people, you are in control of not answering the phone or returning the message. Sometimes the desperate calling person, is not the same person as the one who knows the HR policies and is aware you are either out on medical leave, or on a well earned and deserved vacation!! No guilt, right?
  15. by   cmhaze4
    Very true. Even overseas.