How did you feel when you got your first nursing paycheck? - page 6

All that time in nursing school had to pay off sooner or later. I'm sure many felt elated, many were ecstatic, and many just wanted to blow it all away. Do you remember your first paycheck? How... Read More

  1. by   Step_981
    I was very excited, after 3 yrs of study and sacrifices finally i saw the reward!! I've spent it buying books, ipod, computer and other technology things
  2. by   SeattleRS24
    Just got mine yesterday!! Felt pretty damn awesome!
  3. by   DaniV.
    I bought a brand new motorcycle and shoes... $300 nursing clogs that I had been staring at my whole time in nursing school (while wearing hideous pure white nursing shoes). Oh, and the hot pink scrubs that I replace the pile of white scrubs that I "accidentally" threw in a bonfire.
  4. by   Girlafraid13
    I blew my first few checks. I had been so broke for so long and finally had money. Now I'm wondering hmm better start saving because I have no idea where that money went.
  5. by   senvang2000
    My nursing paycheck is a joke!!
    I bought a round of drinks for my coworkers and paid some long overdue bills.
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I don't remember my first paycheck, I mean, after all, that was in 1971! But my very first job out of nursing school was at Mass General Hospital and that felt prestigious as all-get-out! It really made me feel so proud!
    I do remember several years later when I got a raise, though; WOW! I was earning $3.10/hr. TRUE!